Software development outsourcing services for your business

Many companies worldwide are already actively outsourcing software development projects to Managed Services Providers like IT Svit. Aside from the obvious benefits like reduced project costs and shorter time to market, this approach provides various other advantages. For example, outsourcing the software development services means working with cohesive teams with ample experience in solving similar tasks, thus using best practices and ready solutions to minimize the software development project risks and ensuring high quality of the products.

IT Svit — a reliable software development outsourcing company

IT Svit provides software development outsourcing services for more than a decade. Over this period we have accomplished more than 800 projects of various scope and helped 16 startups successfully scale globally. This helped us gain an in-depth understanding of all nooks and crannies in software development to ensure timely delivery and predictable results for your projects.

We help you from MVP development to enterprise-grade operations

One of the main benefits of working with IT Svit is that we can grow with you and add more services later down the track as you need them. From Proof of Concept and MVP development to complex autoscaling systems with in-depth monitoring, using predictive Big Data analytics to enable self-healing cloud infrastructures — we know what to do every step of the way.

Ready to start?

We believe that every startup with a useful and great idea should be able to implement it in a convenient and user-friendly product. Unfortunately, the talents required for this are hard to come by on the job market. They are usually employed by huge software development companies like Microsoft. Oracle or Adobe — or by smaller IT outsourcing firms like IT Svit. Why so?

Because there are only 2 ways to motivate a software development engineer: through a 6-digit-salary or through an interesting project. While global corporations prefer monetary motivation, Managed Services Providers offer flexibility in terms of projects. Instead of working with the same stack of technologies on the same project for years, software development for IT outsourcing companies ensures there are lots of various tasks involving various technologies. 

In addition, most of these projects are carte-blanches, meaning the contractor is free to use the latest technology available, so the software engineers keep abreast with the latest stable versions of their favorite software and use it to the fullest in their projects. Thus said, the customers get future-proofing for their software, as their products are built using the latest advancements of the technology and will work without issues in the years to come.

IT Svit software development expertise: full-stack, Big Data, and blockchain

IT Svit has ample experience with delivering services for all aspects of software delivery. We develop front-end and back-end components for web and mobile apps, build architecture and infrastructure for blockchain apps, enable Big Data solutions and ML/AI models, split monolith apps into microservices and containerize apps, develop live broadcasting and online dating platforms, etc.

There is a huge variety of technologies we utilize:

  • Cloud platforms: AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, OpenStack, OpenShift, etc.
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, CoreOS, Windows Server, etc.
  • Front-end: PHP/Laravel, Angular.js, JavaScript, Vue.js, React.js, Node.js, Python/Django, Google Firebase, Nginx ingress, etc.
  • Back-end: PHP/Laravel, Python/Django, Redis, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Nginx ingress, etc.
  • DevOps tools: Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Prometheus + Grafana, FluentD, Splunk, SumoLogic, ELK Stack, Vault, Consul, etc.
  • Big Data Tools: Apache Hadoop, JuPyteR Notebook, Apache Spark, Keras, TensorFlow, Scrapy, RaspberryPI, etc.
  • BlockChain tools: Ethereum, EOS, Decred, Livepeer, Cosmos, Factom, etc.
  • eCommerce tools: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.

This list is by far not exhaustive, as we can augment this stack depending on the project requirements to provide superior solutions for our customers.

Software development team composition and roles

One of the biggest benefits of a partnership with a dedicated software development team from an IT outsourcing company like IT Svit is that the team workflow is organized according to an efficient and cohesive model that can satisfy any project requirements. All software engineers working for IT Svit fall under one of several main roles:

  • Team Lead/ Cloud Architect — a person able to visualize all the processes and system components involved in developing an operating your future product, and assign the tasks to the rest of the team in order to deliver all the system modules on time.
  • SRE (System Reliability Engineer) — a software engineer with an in-depth understanding of all the pitfalls and bottlenecks of application scaling, so he is able to plan the software and infrastructure architecture accordingly. He uses IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach, where every needed environment can be provisioned quickly following automated configuration routines — so-called Terraform & Kubernetes manifests.
  • CI/CD engineer — a specialist able to configure the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines, where the output of one operation becomes the input for another process. This allows configuring the software developments in such a way that every new code commit becomes a new product release if it successfully passes the testing and staging environments. This saves a ton of time and effort in the long run.
  • Release manager — every software developer must clearly understand the principles of working with Git and GitHub to enable code versioning. However, keeping in mind all the variety of versions for a wide range of projects simultaneously developed in the company is a hard task. This is why a release manager can help greatly to organize the seamless process, shortening time-to-market and lowering overall software delivery expenses.
  • DevSecOps engineer — security and compliance are essential for any product. Building these requirements into the software development wireframe from the start is much better than bolting the security patches sideways to the product code just before the release. This is why a developer with a firm understanding of the potential security breaches can set the necessary checks and measures in place from the get-go.
  • Dev+ engineer — there are lots of cases where some last-minute coding is needed during the building, testing, staging or release stages of code delivery. When your developers can fix minor bugs on the fly instead of halting the release, and can quickly configure the needed changes — this grants incredible reliability and resilience for your product development process.

Thus said, this is a setup for developing an end-to-end wide-scale enterprise-grade application. Working on a smaller project requires fewer team members, so many of our customers work with a PM, a couple of developers and 1 or 2 DevOps engineers. Keep in mind, that Product Owner and Project Manager can work either on the customer’s side or on our side

IT Svit forms such teams with ease based on our current personnel, and if additional talents are needed, we have access to CV base of 1,000+ pre-vetted professionals, so we are able to quickly form the teams that fit your specific project requirements best.

Why outsource software development to IT Svit

As we mentioned above, there are things that software developers and DevOps engineers value more than money. These things include the freedom to grow and learn new tools, methods, and latest best practices, thus improving their professional background. Working on the same project for years means stability, yes, but it also ensures the lack of incentive to grow and learn, as the technology stack remains largely unchanged, just as the type an complexity of the tasks involved. 

Thus said, once the learning curve is completed, developers tend to get bored quite soon if the do the same tasks for months and years on end. Salary alone is not enough to motivate the specialists who cannot improve their skills. Thus said, working on varying projects and mastering new technologies ensures improving the overall skill level of a specialist. Large enterprises try to solve this problem by sending their employees to various conferences, L&D programs, courses, workshops and training.

However, if the newly acquired knowledge is not applied in everyday work, its value degrades rapidly. Thus said, teaching the software developers to use the latest tools should be paired with providing ample opportunities for them to use these skills daily, which is nigh impossible on long-term projects with stale technology stack.

This is why outsourcing such projects to third-party offshoring companies like IT Svit is an optimal solution. On one side, you get the project done using the latest tools, on time and under budget. The software development is performed by motivated professionals, who constantly learn, master and apply the latest and best practices. On the other hand, these software developers engage in a variety of projects, allowing them to quickly try out and select the best solutions. so they have several variants available for every case and can compose new software architecture quickly and easily, instead of reinventing the wheel every time.  

This is exactly the situation we face at IT Svit. We accomplish dozens of projects annually, and help companies large and small build and update software products and services, fine-tune the cloud infrastructure in use and increase the efficiency of all IT operations.

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