Cloud optimization services from IT Svit

Every business running its applications in the cloud environment understands the necessity of organizing the cloud infrastructure in the most cost-efficient way. IT Svit provides a variety of cloud optimization services, from the correct configuration of the cloud environment to designing and implementing the optimal ways to manage your cloud resources. If you want your cloud infrastructure to perform at its best — we can assist with that task!

We help optimize cloud costs, network and applications

There are various aspects of cloud-based infrastructure management and workflows, which are quite subtle yet can affect your system performance a great deal. All of these aspects are covered in great detail in FAQs provided by the cloud platforms, yet to use this knowledge you need to know where to look. IT Svit has in-depth experience with cloud infrastructure optimization and knows how to configure your systems to ensure the best resilience and performance.

Management of reserved instances and other ways to reduce cloud costs

One of the best ways to optimize spending on cloud infrastructure management is by working with reserved instances, spot instances, using long-term usage discounts, etc. Every business can order these services, not every company can configure the workflows to use such web services with utmost efficiency. IT Svit has helped multiple businesses to significantly reduce their AWS expenses by moving from full-time Amazon EC2 instances to reserved instances and serverless computing scenarios. If that is your goal — we can help you too!

Ready to start?

Cloud is definitely the backbone of modern software development and ongoing production environment management. Scalability, resilience and cost-efficiency of cloud platforms are unparalleled, as compared to renting dedicated servers and paying for them 24/7. This is why most of the businesses already operate in the cloud or are currently in the process of moving to one of the cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

The pitfall here is that cloud computing is not simple, despite all the marketing promises of cloud vendors. Any system administrator can log into the AWS dashboard and rent several Amazon EC2 instances, connect them to Amazon S3 storage and enable some CI/CD workflows using Amazon Pipeline. However, it takes a lot more understanding of cloud management best practices and configuration of cloud-based environments to ensure you get the most out of your investments.

This is where working with IT services providers like IT Svit comes in handy. We are the companies that work with startups and businesses of all sizes to deliver a wide range of managed IT services:

  • cloud infrastructure management and optimization
  • migration between various cloud platforms
  • transition to the cloud from dedicated servers
  • building CI/CD pipelines for software development
  • enabling CI/CD workflows for the production environment
  • cloud monitoring and alerting solutions
  • bespoke Big Data analytics solutions
  • end-to-end Blockchain platforms
  • full-stack web and software development (Python/Django, Node.js, Vue.js, Node-Red.js, PHP/Laravel, etc.)
  • QA and automated testing
  • startup technical consulting
  • MVP development

As you can see, IT Svit can cover literally any IT needs of your business. However, managed DevOps services are our main area of expertise.

Many startups and enterprise businesses come to us in need of moving their workloads into the cloud or optimizing their existing cloud infrastructure management processes. We have ample experience with these tasks and we can provide assistance throughout the whole process.

Due to this, IT Svit customers can benefit from end-to-end cloud computing solutions that cater to all of their business needs:

  • Reduced expenses. Due to configuring your cloud computing processes and environments correctly, we make sure you pay only for the resources you consumed — and make sure these resources were actually needed.
  • Increased resilience. Whenever there is a Single Point of Failure in your system — be it a database backup procedure, a customer-facing app or some back-end functionality — the success of the whole project depends on its operation. IT Svit helps analyze such performance bottlenecks and provide solutions for them to ensure your cloud systems are resilient and perform well under heavy workloads.
  • Scalability and load balancing. Your systems must be able to scale up during peak loads and scale down to save computing resources when the load is minimal. IT Svit helps dockerize your apps and implement load balancing to ensure your production environment is always able to meet the needs of your product’s end-users.
  • Transparency and traceability. Dealing with the consequences of failures is a nightmare that must be avoided at all costs. IT Svit implements bespoke cloud monitoring solutions with smart alerting, which helps identify and solve possible issues long before they result in major system crashes.

Optimization of cloud-based infrastructure

Any business can build a cloud infrastructure following instructions from their cloud providers, FAQs, guides and knowledgebase articles. However, it takes a thorough understanding of the way of operation for cloud data centers and platforms to really get the most out of the cloud environments. IT Svit has ample experience with optimizing the AWS and GCP cloud infrastructure using cloud-based open-source tools like Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Prometheus and Grafana, ELK stack, etc. We help our customers remove any infrastructure design flaws, performance bottlenecks and possible vendor lock-in solutions and replace them with modular, scalable, resilient and manageable end-to-end cloud platforms.

Reserved instances and serverless applications to save your budget

Cloud providers offer many ways to reduce your operational expenses. Reserved instances and spot instances are one of such ways, where you pay some budget to book an instance just in case you need it. Such an instance can remain dormant most of the time and be spun up only when it is needed for your operations. Such an approach is much more cost-effective as compared to renting an entire instance and paying for it 24/7 even at the minimal load. However, using such instances requires a correct configuration of Kubernetes clusters and Docker invokers

Another benefit lies in using serverless computing feature, which is known under the names of Amazon Lambda, Google Functions, Azure Functions, etc. The main idea here is that some functions run too infrequently or quickly to require an instance that will be idle 99% of the time. However, these functions must be executed, as they act as a glue, binding distributed systems together, turning the output of one operation into the input of another. Introducing serverless computing has opened a whole new plane of possibilities for DevOps engineers, and IT Svit has a vast hands-on experience with this process, so we are able to configure it for our clients and ensure stable performance of their systems, regardless of their complexity.

IT Svit stands ready to provide cloud optimization services for your business. Should you need such help — contact us, we are always ready to assist!

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