Your new career awaits!

One of the most important components of a great job is the work environment, and this is where IT Svit shines once more. Our big, cozy and sunlit office is situated on one of the top floors of the office building between the 23 Serpnya and the Botanichny Sad subway stations, in the IT heart of Kharkiv. Our HR and office management team make everything they can to turn this office into our second home — and they are pretty good at it!

To wrap it up, we are really proud of working at IT Svit, as this company gives us tremendous opportunities for gaining new skills and knowledge, advancing our careers and making the IT world better for us and our customers. Competitive salaries are also a part of the equation, of course 🙂

Thus said, feel free to check our open vacancies — and maybe IT Svit will become your next work destination and family outside of the home!

Who do you want to be?

Like any other IT consulting company, we can endlessly talk about our leading position in the industry, competitive salaries, interesting projects and a team of highly-motivated specialists. In our case, it will even be true, as Clutch named IT Svit #1 in the top list of Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies in 2017-2019.

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