Cloud migration services for startups and enterprise business

If your company is currently at the crossroads and wants to upgrade the infrastructure in use — cloud migration process can help solve many problems, and IT Svit is exactly the company to come up with a fail-safe cloud migration strategy for you! We have 5+ years of experience in designing and implementing cloud migration consulting and helped more than 200 businesses to move between the clouds or from legacy infrastructures to the cloud.

Cloud data migration to Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the most popular cloud service provider and one of the most obvious destinations for cloud data migration. If your business has already grown out of running several servers in-house or renting dedicated servers in a data center, you might want to consider a lift-and-shift data migration to the cloud, and IT Svit will be glad to help you move to AWS smoothly and easily.

Cloud migration to Google Cloud Platform

If you are looking for the most cost-efficient approach to a cloud data migration, you might consider opting for Google Cloud Platform, as they offer the best pricing, granular control and rich features for data management and cloud infrastructure operations. We help startups both build their infrastructure from scratch with GCP or perform a cloud data migration there from other platforms.

Cloud migration consulting for businesses of all sizes

One of the biggest fallacies of the modern IT industry is the push to move everything to the cloud. As a matter of fact, there are multiple situations where moving your applications and data from cloud-based infrastructure to on-prem private data centers. This is very cost-efficient as compared to migration to a public cloud for a variety of cases — and IT Svit can do this for you!

Ready to start?

While every business is unique in some kind, most of them fall into clearly definable categories and face similar challenges on certain stages of their lifecycle. There is a time for every business to consider a cloud migration strategy for moving your apps, data and workloads to the cloud. If you are currently contemplating such a move — there is a lot IT Svit has to offer!

The most important benefit of migration to the cloud is the reduction of expenses. If your business interacts with the customers and contractors online, through some web platform or application. To be available around the clock it must run on a server that stays on 24/7. To be able to serve peak loads the servers must have much more capacity than recommended — so you have to constantly overpay for idle dedicated servers to be able to use them during peak workloads.

In addition, not all service companies are as good at providing remote server administration services, as IT Svit. These are just several of multiple reasons for a full-scale cloud data migration, security and compliance, as well as scalability and performance issues being one of the most common challenges that the businesses try to solve by data migration to the cloud.

Thus said, the choice of a reliable partner for developing and implementing a cloud migration strategy depends on a variety of factors. As one of the top 10 Managed Services Providers worldwide, one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine according to Clutch and one of the top-rated Upwork agencies, we face the task of cloud infrastructure management and optimization quite often. Consequently, we have ample experience with designing and performing cloud migrations for businesses of all sizes.

Migration to AWS — a step towards success

Both startups and seasoned businesses might need a transition to the cloud for their products and services, and many prefer migration to AWS. This ensures instant access to various Amazon Web Services cloud benefits, from industry-leading CDN features like Amazon CloudFront, managed Kubernetes – Fargate and highly-scalable cloud-based Amazon RDS database to enterprise-grade security features like Amazon CloudTrail and others.

AWS is the most popular cloud migration destination and if this is the situation your company is currently in — you might be best off moving your data and workloads to Amazon cloud. However, an in-depth cloud migration strategy must be in place to ensure the transition is performed in the most cost-efficient and optimal way.

Amazon Web Services is a behemoth, but it is a very agile one and trying to saddle it without prior experience is a direct route to disaster. Most of AWS services are designed in a way that ensures 100% coverage of all customer requests, so if you settle with AWS — you are good for life. However, not all of these services are required for all kinds of projects.

Microservices will be of no use to a monolith app and serverless computing will be required only for complex systems where various events must be rapidly processed and standard Amazon EC2 instances are not feasible. Thus said, while you can get a credit for a new account and try to configure everything required yourself — the chance for the things to go awry and result in huge expenses is quite big. Trust us, we had to help our customers deal with situations when their incorrect crone job settings forced the system to spend all the allotted AWS availability zone resources, which resulted in 6-digit bills overnight.

Thus said, it’s better to lay out a consistent cloud migration strategy before moving to AWS. IT Svit will help you plan and build the AWS cloud infrastructure really quickly, as well as configuring it correctly so that your project uses only what it needs and it costs as little as possible.

Migration to Google Platform — a wise choice at any stage

Everything said above applies to the cloud migration process with Google Cloud Platform as your destination, just add long-term discounts to the equation. Many companies move to GCP at some point of their lifecycle. The benefits come with a price, though, and ending up with a huge bill is as likely with GCP as with AWS. Thus said, a well-thought-out cloud migration plan is due for a transition to GCP too.

Using the cloud enables you to configure load balancing, auto-scaling, high-availability at scale, real-time data analytics, etc. Using the Google cloud wisely ensures you do not pay too much for all of this. IT Svit has a deep understanding and rich experience with building simple, cost-efficient, manageable and transparent cloud infrastructures on Google Cloud.

However, there also are multiple reasons, when staying on a public cloud is no longer feasible for your company. This usually happens at the stage when your operations grow so immensely that paying for the traffic begins to cost more than owning the actual servers and infrastructure and paying the salary for in-house server administrators. IT Svit has done this a couple of times and helped our customers cut their costs significantly by moving their most resource-intensive operations to their on-prem data center.

Cloud migration consulting services for your business

Thus said, while the benefits of a cloud computing migration are numerous, it is not always the best solution. Sometimes, your apps and products can be moved to the cloud through lift-and-shift, and sometimes it is better to leave the flaws of the legacy infrastructure behind and rebuild the system from scratch using cloud-native analogs. This is why a deep understanding of all the pros and cons of migration to cloud computing is essential before making a decision.

IT Svit provides such expertise and can help you design, implement and manage the most cost-effective and resilient cloud infrastructure for your business. We avoid vendor lock-in and replace cloud-native components with open-source alternatives wherever possible so that the infrastructure we design can equally well work with AWS and GCP components, adding another layer of security and flexibility to your cloud-based workflows.

In addition, as your project grows it might become apparent that a cloud platform you chose at first can no longer meet your requirements, or another vendor offers better pricing at the moment. This is when the investments into the right cloud migration strategy pay off, as you can perform a migration to another cloud computing vendor with relative ease, instead of having to start from scratch once again.

There is an additional benefit to this approach. As IT Svit performs such projects quite frequently, we know all the nooks and crannies, as well as pitfalls and shortcomings of all system components, services and features of the main cloud vendors. Thus said, we have ready-made solutions for the most common issues   project might face and can design the cloud migration process in such a way to ensure maximum performance and resilience of your new cloud infrastructure and workflows.

Should you require a free cloud migration consulting — let IT Svit know and we will help!

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