Cloud deployment is rapidly becoming the default choiceof infrastructure for businesses worldwide. In fact, 2018 was proclaimed the year of enterprise cloud, with 77% of enterprises having at least one clou-native workload, and nearly 30% having their cloud transition successfully completed.

The only things required for a cloud migration project to succeed are as follows:

  • the clear understanding of the existing state of IT infrastructure, 
  • the challenges it poses for your business goals,
  • the ways the cloud can help solve these challenges,
  • the optimal way to move your workloads to the cloud to make this happen.

The biggest problem of this list is the lack of high-level cloud expertise in the enterprise IT departments primarily focused on running o-prem or dedicated infrastructure. Therefore, a clear cloud migration guidance is needed to execute the migration poject without the costly mistakes.

The best way to get such aguidance is a partnership with a reliable Managed Services Provider, whose team has ample experience with projects of this kind.

Cloud migration benefits with IT Svit

From green deployment of cloud-native apps to moving your databases to the cloud and transforming your business worklfows, IT Svit has you covered. Here is what we offer:

  • Expertise. We have rich hands-on experience with moving various infrastructures to public, private or hybid cloud solutions, like AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, etc.
  • Choice. We will audit the existing software ecosystem and help you choose the most fitting cloud for your business.
  • Support. IT Svit DevOps team will assist you on every stage of the migration process, from initial design to transition and ongoing optimization.

You can choose from multiple types of cloud solutions based on your business needs:

  • Public cloud is a perfect choice for unpredictable traffic due to high scalability. It is a multi-tenanted environment with built-in high-availability. 
  • Private cloud is built within a public cloud like AWS, Azure or GCP, but you are the only tenant of the system. It is more costly but more secure.
  • Hybrid cloud solutions are the alloy of public and private infrastructures, with adding on-prem dedicated or virtual servers, when the business wishes to keep mission-critical systems on-prem.
  • Multi-cloud is the approach to infrastructure design where the services from multiple clouds are connected to ensure ease of operations for complex apps.

Want to know what cloud fits your business needs best?

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