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From time to time many companies face the need to hire external talents to remedy the lack of in-house experience with some particular technology required for their next cloud-based project. IT cloud staffing is definitely the best way to avoid time-consuming recruitment process and gain instant access to the highly-skilled talent pool for only a fraction of costs of hiring an in-house team for your business.

Cloud staffing services for startups and enterprises

IT Svit is an IT outsourcing company with rich expertise in providing high-end staffing solutions for various web-based IT projects. We have a pre-vetted pool of more than 1,000 candidates and in-depth applicant tracking and management software to rapidly form the required teams for all kinds of projects, from software development and blockchain implementation to cloud migration, DevOps services, and Big Data analytics.

Forget about receiving marketing messages from Indeed endlessly!

We provide formed teams with polished workflows and established roles that can onboard any cloud computing project at once and ensure its timely completion. You don’t have to source, interview and approve candidates yourself — all the preliminary work is done by us so that you can simply pick the team that fits you best. Stop hiring and start working on the project!

Private: Google Cloud Datastore

Google Cloud Datastore

Private: Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Private: AWS Developer Tools

AWS Developer Tools

Private: Jira


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Working with IT staffing company

Thus said, hiring a cloud staffing company like IT Svit removes all the limitations of the previous two approaches. You don’t have to hire talents into the team one by one — nor do you have to use the cloud platform-specific tools and services. An IT staffing company provides readily available teams and highly skilled IT specialists with lots of experience in performing various IT projects and tasks. IT Svit provides the following cloud staffing services.

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