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Data is one of the most important assets of your business, so it must be timely gathered, securely stored, and accurately processed. Sometimes a data migration project is due when you have outgrown the capabilities of your legacy systems, for example. Moving data to a cloud computing platform like Amazon Web Services helps ensure applications and data remain cost-effective, secure, compliant and perform well.

IT consulting on data migrations

Data migration to the cloud should be well-prepared beforehand to ensure no unpleasant surprises occur. IT Svit has ample experience with preparing and implementing data migration projects, so we can discuss with your business stakeholders what you want to get, and come up with the solution on what you need to do to achieve these goals. This IT consulting will help minimize the time and money expenses for your database migration, using the most appropriate migration tools and building the appropriate cloud infrastructure for your new system.

Building a reliable data migration strategy

When you are migrating your data to the cloud, it is essential to ensure only the relevant data is moved. Therefore, an in-depth assessment is required to determine the crucial data and what can be left behind. IT Svit helps determine the most appropriate cloud-native databases that meet the needs of your data storage and can be synchronized with the systems currently in place so that your migration plan is executed without errors.

Combining experience and technology to build a reliable cloud strategy

IT Svit is a Managed Services Provider, meaning we have ample hands-on experience with using various cloud technology. We can help you build a continuous and uninterrupted business process leveraging all the benefits of cloud computing. Out team employs best practices of cloud migration services to help you in moving data to the cloud quickly and without any issues.

Ready to start?

From time to time every business experiences the need for data migration. Be it the growth that demands more sophisticated and resilient infrastructure, or the merger/acquisition that demands the data be moved to another storage — the reasons vary, but the need for the data migration services remains. Fortunately, there are multiple ways of receiving data migration consulting services in the IT industry.

First of all, the business can contact the cloud computing platform where they plan to perform data migration. Every cloud service provider has products and services aimed at enabling seamless data migrations between various cloud vendors. Should you need data migration IT services to bring your databases to AWS or Google Cloud or any other cloud services vendor from legacy systems, their IT engineers will help you design and implement the best data migration strategy for your business. The downside to this process is the fact that should you ever need to repeat the whole process again.

The second variant is trying to find a decent DBA for your IT team and employ them for this project. The benefits of this approach are the ability to attract and retain the DBA talent and plan your long-term data migration plan and any business process required for it. However, this approach can be difficult due to standard issues of recruiting: good specialists are not easy to come by, expensive to hire and too easy to lose.

Besides data migration requires much more than mere understanding of the ways the databases work — one must also have profound knowledge of the ways the infrastructure operates and how to ensure your data migration project will not end up a disaster. This guarantee can only come from the successful experience of accomplishing data migration projects before. If that is not the case, the cost of R&D work and possible mistakes might be just too high for your business.

The third and the optimal variant is opting for IT migration consulting from a company that has successfully handled multiple data migration projects in the past. These companies are Managed Services Providers like IT Svit and have ample experience with moving applications and data from legacy systems in a data center to cost-effective cloud storage, using the latest technology and best practices.

The average migration strategy of a data migration project can include the following parts:

  • Assessment of the existing database infrastructure and workflows
  • Designing an optimized variant of your database systems (removing bottlenecks, improving resilience and performance, etc.)
  • Building new cloud-based infrastructure for your databases
  • Synchronizing your existing databases with their cloud analogs, making dumps of modules that cannot be synchronized automatically using cloud migration tools
  • Moving data from the legacy systems to cost-effective cloud data storage
  • Shutting down the legacy systems and retraining your staff to use the new technology

Thus said, IT Svit has helped multiple businesses migrate from their legacy systems in a dedicated data center to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and other cloud computing providers. We know how to plan and successfully accomplish migrating your workloads to the cloud. Moving your data and applications and implementing best practices while mastering Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud features can be quite easy if we help you do it!

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