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Build Your Cloud-Native Applications with IT Svit

At IT Svit, we offer a comprehensive approach to building cloud applications tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. Here’s how our experience can help your digital transformation.

Cloud expertise

Our team consists of experienced cloud professionals who understand the intricacies of cloud environments, ensuring that your applications are optimized for scalability, resiliency, and efficiency.

Full-stack development

We provide end-to-end services, from concept to deployment, to ensure a seamless and holistic approach to building cloud applications.

Comprehensive cloud strategy

Our focus on cloud architecture means that your applications can take full advantage of cloud resources, resulting in efficiency, scalability, and resilience.

Cloud Automation Benefits

Cost Savings

Cloud automation ensures you spend your budget wisely by matching resources to your actual needs.

Improved Efficiency

With cloud automation, tasks are not only completed more quickly but also with fewer issues.

Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud automation enables your IT environment to be flexible. You can easily adjust the size of your resources based on your requirements.

Security and Compliance

Automation doesn’t just save you time; it enhances security by consistently enforcing rules and policies across your systems.

DevOps and CI/CD Integration

Automation simplifies software updates and testing, making your development processes more agile and reliable.

Boost productivity with Cloud Automation Services

Automate tasks, deploy resources effortlessly, and optimize your cloud setup with Cloud Automation Services. Save time and maximize efficiency.

Cloud Automation Process

Cloud Automation Process revolutionizes the way you manage your cloud infrastructure. Seamlessly streamline workflows, automate tasks, and optimize resource allocation for maximum efficiency. With advanced automation capabilities, you can minimize manual intervention, reduce errors, and accelerate deployment cycles.


Our team will help you assess your current environment, define goals, and identify critical systems and dependencies to ensure a smooth migration and effective disaster recovery.


We customize your cloud infrastructure, network, and security components to create a well-prepared environment for migration and disaster recovery.


Our team establishes continuous replication of data from your primary data center to the cloud, ensuring data integrity and availability for recovery.


We transfer applications and data to the cloud using automated tools to minimize downtime and ensure a successful transition.

Cloud Automation Tools We Work With

Private: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Private: Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Private: DigitalOcean


Private: Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

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What is Cloud Automation Services?

Cloud Automation Services involve using automated tools, scripts, and workflows to streamline cloud operations, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

What is the role of cloud automation?

Cloud automation optimizes tasks like resource provisioning, scaling, security enforcement, and application deployment, promoting efficiency and agility.

How can Cloud Automation Services benefit my organization?

Cloud Automation Services lead to cost savings, efficiency gains, security enforcement, resource optimization, disaster recovery, and more, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of your cloud operations.

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CTO & Cloud Architect

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