Database Services We Offer

Remote Database Administration Services

Databases are essential for managing the flow of data nowadays, and companies need to get access to remote database administration somehow. This is hard due to the scarcity of reliable DBAs available on the market. IT Svit fields experienced teams of DBAs that provide database management for large enterprises and startups alike. We provide top-notch quality of managing data and databases, ensuring your business gets full-time system management monitoring.

Managing databases for your software and applications

Each business uses a complex software ecosystem in the course of its operations, from tools like Microsoft SQL server for running the Intranet, Business Intelligence, Microsoft Active Directory and other enterprise software, to Redis, MongoDB or Cassandra powering up your products and applications. Their stable work is the basis of your business success, so hiring highly-skilled talents to deliver database administrator services is essential. We provide reliable remote database administration services to ensure you are on the safe side.

Database migration and optimization for your business

There are various reasons for migration from your old database to a new platform. You might need to leverage new features or add new products to your toolkit or want to move your cloud infrastructure to another cloud vendor completely. In any case, database migration to a new destination is coupled with infrastructure and database performance, security and compliance audit and optimization of both databases and servers they run on. IT Svit team is happy to lend a hand and ensure your business runs at top efficiency.

Ready to start database project?

Our team has been assisting companies for over 18 years, making sure that every business gets an opportunity to enhance their workflows and unleash their full potential.

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Dmytro Medvediev

CTO & Cloud Architect

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