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IT Svit success story with Clutch

IT Svit has accomplished a lot over the years of being listed on Clutch. We are proud and grateful for the trust and recommendations of this international technology consultancy agency, and today we list the milestones of our progress on Clutch so far.

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Berlin out aftertaste

IT Svit is a client-oriented company and we are trying to keep meeting with our partners all the time. In September we’ve planned to visit the heart of Germany – Berlin. At first, we decided to visit our long-term Germany partners MICE Portal GmbH and Digital Samba. MICE Portal GmbH is a web-based event platform. Digital Samba is a great platform for video communication like webinars, meetings, video-lessons, etc. We also wanted to visit a few meetups, one of them being a great B2B Meetup on September 19. We were there and want to share our impressions below.

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What is the Cloud & Cloud Computing

Many businesses around the globe have already moved their operations to the cloud to save costs and increase performance. But what is the cloud & cloud computing?

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In-depth approach to DevOps: Self-healing infrastructure, Big Data, AI and more…

You have definitely heard about DevOps transformation and the benefits it can bring to your business. You know it all, yes? About cost-reduction due to transition to the cloud platforms, streamlined software delivery and reduced time-to-market due to implementation of CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) workflows and a general increase in productivity due to DevOps culture of collaboration and communication between teams.

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IT outsourcing billing models: fixed price VS dedicated team

When the company decides to go for outsourcing, there are several important questions that need to be answered. One of them is “what is the best billing model for my project — dedicated team or fixed price?”. We compare fixed price VS dedicated model benefits to help you select the most appropriate approach for your next outsourcing project.

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Where to get good developers? Ukraine!

Contracting IT developers from Ukraine is one of the most popular approaches to IT outsourcing. We provide skilled app developers in Ukraine for your business!

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IT Svit Featured as a Leader in IT Solutions in Ukraine

Operating in Ukraine, IT Svit is an IT consulting and Managed Services Provider. We build dedicated software development teams and deliver DevOps services to properly manage projects of any size. We are among the top 10 Managed Services Providers worldwide due to our efficient, affordable, and grueling work strategies.

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The 20th positive IT Svit review on Clutch!

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DevOps business value and advantages

21 min - Articles

Who are DevOps developers and where can you find them?

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