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Top 50 Startups from Ukraine that became a success

99% of startups fail. How to ensure yours doesn’t? Let’s take a look at the top 50 startups from Ukraine that became a success, and see how they did it.

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Types of cloud computing: all you need to know

Cloud computing is no longer a fancy toy for fledgling startups or a luxury available only to rich global corporations. Today we explain all you need to know about different cloud computing services.

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Best remote DevOps Companies as of 2020

When using DevOps services it is only natural to want to work with the best teams. We list the best remote DevOps companies worldwide as of 2020.

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How to find a remote developer

The Internet is at its peak, and it doesn’t seem like it might slow down for another 20 years. It certainly has made the world smaller, but also it has created the opportunity of working anywhere from the world. 

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DevOps certification: what to look for and how to obtain it

Certifying your DevOps skills by passing exams from AWS or Google can be very beneficial for any software engineer. We describe the process of DevOps certification to save your time on finding it out yourself.

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Remote work: the new norm in the changing world

Quarantine is not the end of the world. Remote work and IT outsourcing allow the businesses to be productive during the crisis and are becoming the new norm in the changing world.

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IT Svit proves its technological expertise with AWS certification

One more member of the IT Svit team, Alex, has received the AWS certification to prove his skills. As a result, IT Svit is one step closer to becoming an AWS-certified company!

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DevOps Pro Europe 2020 is waiting for you!

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15 DevOps books for professional growth in 2020

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DevOps conferences 2020

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