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What is Google Cloud best used for? GCP machine types and services

Many businesses have to go online in 2020 and they want to know what is Google Cloud capable of? Let’s take a look at GCP machine types and services

8 min - Articles

Why every business must analyze log data

When your systems work, everything is okay, but when something fails, you need to analyze the logs. We explain the importance of analyzing the server logs.

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Cloud Security: principles, hot topics, reliable platforms

Cloud computing security becomes ever more important in a globalized world. This article covers 14 main cloud security principles, security-related topics and platforms.

7 min - Articles

Google Cloud Composer vs Astronomer: what to choose?

Selecting the right approach to building distributed data pipelines requires finding a good managed cloud computing solution, so we compare Google Cloud Compose with Astronomer.

4 min - Articles

DevOps for high-load marketplaces

Global quarantine had lead to a significant increase in traffic for online marketplaces. We list the benefits of using DevOps for high-load marketplaces here.

8 min - Articles

What is Google Cloud Composer: all you need to know

Google Cloud Composer is the best way to build hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures and workflows using Google Cloud. Let’s take a closer look at what is Google Cloud Composer.

8 min - Articles

How to become a DevOps engineer

Many software engineers and system administrators want to know how to become a DevOps engineer. Read on to find what you need to do to achieve this!

14 min - Articles

How to find good DevOps candidates?

14 min - Articles

API overview from a DevOps perspective

14 min - Articles

How to build bitcoin apps and payment apps in 2020

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