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How to Cope with Baffling Cloud Costs

More than 90% of companies spend more than a million dollars a year on cloud services.The main problem is that organizations lack responsibility for managing cloud budgets. How to migrate to the cloud and build a cost-effective infrastructure without unseasonable waste will be discussed here.

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Bullish DevOps Bulletin — March 2021

DevOps bulletin to catch up on the latest DevOps news and updates. Plus helpful guides, tips and recommendations. Terraform Security Code Analysis Tool, Curated Collection of SRE Resources and Examples from first-rate IT organizations, DevOps Engineers’ Roadmap and more in this issue.

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How CI/CD Automation Saves Money and Time

A need for CI/CD automation appeared when developers got tired of endless and exhausting manual testing and committing their code to the core repository every time any change took place. How automated CI/CD pipelines can help IT organizations save money and developers’ wasted on toil time, will be covered here. 

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Hyperautomation! How DevOps can help with it

AI+RPA brings automation to the whole next level where these advanced technologies, when properly combined, easily run-over single automation tool limitations. The process of RPA and AI merging has already got a term — Hyperautomation!

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Cloud+DevOps=Faster Delivery & Lower Costs

While many companies go after effective methods like DevOps or cloud computing to deliver high-quality software as fast as possible without unreasonable spending, we stress that the true win here is if we combine these two improvements together.

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Cloud migration strategy. You better have one!

Many sensitive issues hamper IT enterprises, especially startups and small businesses to implement cloud migration correctly. And, as a result, organizations get into money traps. With that, we will talk about cloud adoption and migration strategy and how to ensure cost-effective management in the cloud.

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ELK VS Loki! How to gather logs from Kubernetes cluster and effectively navigate through them

Clients often ask us how they can gather logs from the pods of the Kubernetes cluster and how they can navigate through the logs and troubleshoot some issues in a relatively short period of time. Let’s discuss the solutions!

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DevOps Resume 2021 and Interview Questions. Get ready!

11 min - Articles

DevOps Skills Gap in 2021

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Tough DevOps Tools. How to Choose and Optimize DevOps Tools

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