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Cost of a DevOps engineer in Ukraine and abroad: a comparison

As Ukraine is a popular IT outsourcing hub, many businesses need to know the cost of a DevOps engineer in Ukraine. We explain how to find the best specialists and how their rates compare to other outsourcing hubs.

17 min - Articles

IT Svit achievements and results of 2019

Summing up the year, we compiled a report of IT Svit achievements and results of 2019. There are lots of great things we have done and plans we are working on!

4 min - News

Why 2020 is a great time for IT outsourcing to Ukraine

If you are currently looking for the best IT outsourcing destination — Ukraine can be the best choice in 2020 for a variety of reasons.

7 min - Articles

How can you trust your IT outsourcing provider?

Many startups have a crisis of trust that stops them from outsourcing some aspects of their IT operations. IT Svit team explains why you can trust your IT services provider with your sensitive data.

8 min - Articles

Startup IPO: preparation, procedure, dangers, solutions

IPO is crucial for the long-term success of any startup. IT Svit showcases the reasons behind an IPO, the advantages your startup can get and the underwater reefs you might encounter.

8 min - Articles

How many DevOps engineers does it take to change the lightbulb?

This humorous question is really almost a philosophical problem. Qualified DevOps engineers are rare and expensive specialists, so it is important to understand how much engineers do you need for the project. It will save costs, help make the right strategy of DevOps transformation, etc.

22 min - Articles

DevOps evolution in 2019: IT Svit perspective

DevOps is out there for a decade and it never stops to evolve. IT Svit compares our perspective with the findings of the Puppet State of DevOps report 2019.

20 min - Articles

How cloud computing helps save your time and money

3 min - News

IT Svit success story with Clutch

7 min - News

Berlin out aftertaste

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