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15th Anniversary of IT Svit 🎉

Today our beloved company celebrates the 15th anniversary! We shared our progress and plans on the blog.

8 min - Articles

3 Legal Pitfalls Your Startup Must Avoid

Founding a startup is actually quite easy. Keeping it afloat once you are ready to take off is much harder. Today we list 3 legal pitfalls that can threaten your company.

14 min - Articles

What does the HRIS specialist role mean?

Being an HR manager is not enough today. You need to be an HRIS specialist to be competitive. But what is an HRIS specialist role and what does an HRIS specialist do? Let’s take a look.

8 min - Articles

Your startup needs a hustler, a hipster, a hacker… and a lawyer

There are multiple things needed to ensure your startup succeed. Most of them involve risk minimization, so keeping legal paperwork straight is crucial.

17 min - Articles

What are DevOps dreaming about?

Everybody knows that DevOps provides multiple benefits for your business. But nobody asks what DevOps engineers want. Let’s see what are DevOps dreaming of!

12 min - Articles

Three types of video streaming apps

Online video streaming is on a permanent rise worldwide due to its flexibility and wide range of features provided. Today we discuss three types of video streaming apps.

18 min - Articles

How to build patient trust in healthcare using Big Data and cloud

Many businesses face the challenge of gaining the trust of their customers. This is especially true for healthcare. How to build the patient’s trust then?

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How to build a great eCommerce platform for food delivery in 2020

13 min -

How to create cloud meeting software

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IT Svit DevOps security skills

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