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IT outsourcing billing models: fixed price VS dedicated team

When the company decides to go for outsourcing, there are several important questions that need to be answered. One of them is “what is the best billing model for my project — dedicated team or fixed price?”. We compare fixed price VS dedicated model benefits to help you select the most appropriate approach for your next outsourcing project.

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Where to get good developers? Ukraine!

Contracting IT developers from Ukraine is one of the most popular approaches to IT outsourcing. We provide skilled app developers in Ukraine for your business!

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IT Svit Featured as a Leader in IT Solutions in Ukraine

Operating in Ukraine, IT Svit is an IT consulting and Managed Services Provider. We build dedicated software development teams and deliver DevOps services to properly manage projects of any size. We are among the top 10 Managed Services Providers worldwide due to our efficient, affordable, and grueling work strategies.

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The 20th positive IT Svit review on Clutch!

IT Svit has proven our reputation as one of the top 10 Managed Services Providers time and again. We recently received our 20th positive customer review on Clutch and are glad to showcase the project that resulted in this feedback.

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DevOps business value and advantages

2018 was proclaimed the year of enterprise DevOps by Forrester, as more than 50% of enterprises worldwide have already done their DevOps transformation or are in the process of it. Thus said, the demand for DevOps services surges worldwide, while many businesses are still not sure what is DevOps business value and what advantages it can provide to their company. We will explain this below, with some examples of how DevOps helps companies across various industries succeed.

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Who are DevOps developers and where can you find them?

Most companies nowadays understand the need to update their software development practices and IT operations to gain a competitive edge and bring more value to their customers. The best way to do this is by gaining access to DevOps developers, who can combine top-notch programming skills with expertise in building CI/CD pipelines. This helps to automate routine IT operations, increase operational stability, software delivery predictability and increase the team performance in general.

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Vagrant vs Docker

Vagrant vs. Docker: which is better for software development environments? Comparison of Docker and Vagrant in production

Docker took the software development industry by storm, greatly changing the way we develop the software. However, Vagrant is still a viable option. What are the pros and cons of Vagrant and Docker?

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What is wrong with Laravel, the most popular PHP framework?

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What if the transition to the cloud does not increase your profits?

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Guide to AWS platform migration: AWS migration best practices

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