What Do We Offer

Infrastructure automation

We will help you streamline and automate a variety of processes regarding your IT infrastructure, such as its setup, provisioning, and management. We will make sure that you can dynamically scale your infrastructure and adjust to the ever-changing market with ease.

DevOps transformation

Our task is to provide you with all the means and tools that will help you embrace DevOps best practices. Our DevOps transformation consulting service is ready to facilitate collaboration between your teams and implement DevOps pipelines designed to accelerate release and improve your software development lifecycle. and assist you with utilizing DevOps for seamless integration and delivery.

DevOps consulting

Our DevOps transformation consultants will conduct an in-depth assessment of all your current workflows, tools, and practices to come up with the best strategy for DevOps utilization and implementation.

Infrastructure design and implementation

Our team will help you design, build and deploy the required infrastructure that will support CI/CD, continuous integration, and a variety of other practices.

Are you looking for DevOps Transformation?

Our DevOps Transformation services offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing collaboration, automation, and efficiency within your organization.

Our DevOps Transformation Stages

DevOps transformation — the way to reliable and cost-efficient IT operations.

Step 1: Defining Your Business Needs

The journey of DevOps Transformation begins with a clear understanding of your unique business requirements. Our primary goal is to support you in achieving your intended outcomes and to accomplish this, we prioritize comprehending your specific needs and gaining a better understanding of your business specifics.

Step 2: Exploring Systems and Workflows

Through technical conversations, we delve into your existing systems and workflows. Our objective here is to shape your business needs into a comprehensive plan, considering all infrastructure intricacies. This involves an in-depth analysis of your organization. We evaluate your current IT framework, engaging with business stakeholders and IT personnel to gather insights. Our aim is to grasp a comprehensive picture of your systems, workflows, and tools.

Step 3: Planning and Allocating Resources

Following the assessment, our DevOps team collaborates closely with your business stakeholders to create a roadmap for digital transformation. We break down tasks and engage in discussions with your team to ensure mutual understanding. This step clarifies the required specialists and resources for each task. You will receive an estimate of time frames and the resources needed to successfully complete the DevOps transformation.

Step 4: Entering the Development Phase

The development phase is centered around automating business processes. We establish communication and collaboration channels with your team, prioritizing agility and flexibility. While adhering to predefined schedules, we are always prepared to pivot when necessary. Our primary focus remains on alignment, enabled by transparent information sharing. Through daily and weekly sync-ups, we discuss ongoing tasks, progress, and strategies openly.

Step 5: Provide Support and Maintenance

The journey doesn’t end with development. We continue to offer support and maintenance services. This includes sharing knowledge with your teams, safeguarding your IT infrastructure, and providing comprehensive documentation. Implemented changes continue to enhance your workflows, bolstering organizational adaptability. As the market evolves, so does your business. We stand by your side as unwavering companions on this transformational journey, offering consistent support, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Benefits for your business

A lot of money saved

After your business undergoes the DevOps transformation, all your workflows become completely optimized. You will rest assured that there is no wastage of resources, and you are not squandering your money on some services, products, and processes that are not necessary and only create unnecessary budget issues.

A complete cultural transformation

DevOps promotes an agile and collaborative environment, where communication is one of the key factors, along with ownership and accountability. By fostering the DevOps approach, you break down silos and bring teams together.

Risk mitigation and enhanced security

DevOps implementation allows businesses to integrate safety measures that will not only help them detect various risks and threats early on but also provide solutions that protect their data in the best way possible.

DevOps scalability & flexibility

DevOps solutions are easy to scale up and down without any additional effort, making it a perfect choice for both growing and big companies that would like to accommodate the increasing and decreasing workloads without having to pay for additional services.

Faster time-to-market

Our team will help you accelerate your time-to-market by at least 30%, guaranteeing smooth product delivery and consistency. DevOps adoption allows you to deploy software updates quickly and without the risk of quality loss, meaning that you can deliver your services and products at a much higher speed compared to before.

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What are DevOps transformation services?

DevOps transformation services are a set of solutions meant to facilitate the seamless integration of every DevOps workflow into the company’s processes. Here are some of the services and instruments we are ready to offer to provide you with all the DevOps benefits:

  • Continuous integration
  • Agile software development
  • Deployment pipeline
  • DevOps tools for successful project management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Release management
  • Containerization
  • Cloud migration
  • Version control
  • DevOps transformation consulting

From implementing containerization for DevOps efficiency to leveraging cloud services for DevOps transformation, our DevOps transformation experts at IT Svit are ready to help you out with everything.

What specific challenges can DevOps Transformation Services help my business address?

Our DevOps transformation service provider can help you tackle various tasks and challenges, including:

  • Enhancing Collaboration through DevOps
  • Automating various manual processes
  • Accelerating product delivery
  • Detecting security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Optimizing resources

Is DevOps Transformation suitable for businesses of all sizes, or is it more geared toward larger enterprises?

The impact of DevOps on organizational productivity is huge regardless of the business’ size and industry. The core principles of DevOps can benefit businesses across the whole spectrum, streamlining software development with DevOps, enhancing scalability, ensuring higher quality releases, and improving many other aspects of business operations.

How can DevOps Transformation Services enhance the speed and efficiency of software delivery?

By working with our DevOps transformation company, you can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of your software delivery process by implementing a set of practices and tools and fostering a DevOps culture. With the help of CI/CD, release orchestration, automation, monitoring, feedback loops, and other practices, it is possible to reduce manual errors and accelerate the development of software.

What role does automation play in DevOps Transformation, and what processes can be automated?

Automation plays one of the biggest roles in DevOps Transformation. From achieving faster deployment cycles with DevOps to reducing the risk of human error, automation has many benefits that can significantly improve all business processes and workflows. Here are some examples of DevOps automation:

  • DevOps monitoring and logging
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Testing
  • Provisioning
  • Security scanning
  • Release management
  • Compliance and auditing
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