DevOps as a service

There is no need for you to spend time and money on hiring a team of engineers and going through the long recruitment process that can be pretty expensive – you can delegate all challenges and tasks to seasoned professionals instead. Our experts enable this by combining the most suitable DevOps practices and advanced tools — and all of them are ready to provide your business with cost-efficient solutions, automated workflows, and continuous integration and delivery. 

Cloud-based software development

Continuous delivery workflows shorten the time-to-market for new product features and increase the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure. We use cloud-based DevOps tools to make software development predictable and reliable. 

IT infrastructure implementation and optimization

IT Svit has 17 years of experience with maintaining IT infrastructure in general and more than 5 years of experience building automated cloud infrastructures using DevOps practices and technologies, so you can rest assured that the team of professionals will come up with cost-efficient solutions that match your company’s needs & goals.

Dedicated IT infrastructure management

IT Svit has a thorough understanding of how to optimize and run any kind of IT infrastructure — from bare-metal servers to cloud-based systems. We are ready to use our ample experience to help you implement the latest best practices of cloud infrastructure management. Together, we’ll establish a long-term cooperation that will add value to each process inside your company and provide you with the assistance you need to keep reaching new horizons and achieving better results. 

Ready to start?

Problems we will help you solve

One of the reasons why so many companies opt for working with qualified DevOps services providers instead of hiring in-house is the large number of challenges those businesses have to face on a daily basis. Here are some of them: 

  • Lack of reliable and experienced engineers 
  • Insufficient automation  
  • Costly infrastructure support
  • Unbalanced workflows and increased workloads

Every company, sooner or later, encounters numerous problems that can be resolved only by solutions custom-tailored just for them. This is where businesses can squander their resources on hiring new engineers and purchasing expensive services or start working with a reliable DevOps solutions provider that will find the right approach to your company. 

Benefits of DevOps solutions from IT Svit

From reduced security risks to increased time-to-market, there are many advantages to our service that can completely change the process inside your company. Discover our benefits below:

  • Affordability

Our mission is to provide every business with cost-effective solutions that will boost your productivity and improve workflows while not draining your budget and forcing you to splurge on unnecessary services and software. 

  • Custom-made cloud logging and monitoring solutions 

Cloud monitoring is not just about cost-effectiveness – it is a completely bespoke service that is guaranteed to be a 100% fit for your business needs and make your infrastructure more manageable and secure. Our experts are experienced in building such customized cloud monitoring solutions for companies of all sizes, from fledgling startups to global enterprises.

  • Full automation of business processes

Once the business decides to utilize the latest tech and best practices to improve its business efficiency and speed up innovation, it has to undergo a DevOps transformation. With a DevOps company, you will be able to automate processes within your organizations that haven’t been touched by it yet, or develop DevOps process from scratch and improve communication and collaboration in your team. 

  • A talented team of professionals at your disposal 

Each member of our DevOps team has a profound understanding of the infrastructure and its components, as well as DevOps principles, methods, and practices cultivated and enforced by IT Svit for many years, so they know exactly what is needed at each stage of the software development lifecycle, and how to guarantee that your product will be able to grow and improve for years to come. 

  • Flawless cloud transition and migration

IT Svit has rich experience with transitioning the customer’s infrastructure from legacy systems to the cloud or building cloud-agnostic infrastructures. With our assistance, you can easily implement the latest tech and the best DevOps practices, move from outdated tech, diversify risks, and enhance security at a reduced cost. 

  • Assistance with projects of any scale 

IT Svit offers a high-quality DevOps service to companies of all sizes, from fledgling startups to global enterprises. We have successfully assisted businesses of different sizes – our professionals know how to find the right DevOps solution to every problem you might face.

  • Reliable support for software development and operations

We understand the need to ensure a smooth software delivery process and a stable 99,99% uptime with redundancy, as well as how much intense work is required on the side of Ops engineers to achieve that. Many projects rely heavily on high-quality support, and without it, it will be hard to either release it quickly or maintain it at a high level. Instead of worrying too much about everything, you can entrust all these tasks to a DevOps service provider company like IT Svit.

  • Decreased deployment time

To spend less time on product deployment, a business can team up with a DevOps services company that will not only help out with all tasks listed above but also teach your in-house engineers what it takes to deploy and maintain the system and how to adjust it properly. 

Our professionals are well-versed in DevOps technologies and practices that are guaranteed to improve the quality of your products and services, as well as improve performance and communication inside the company. No matter what difficulties you run into, we’ll be there to help you grow your business.

The implementation process of the DevOps services 

The implementation process depends on the services you decide to proceed with, but there are certain stages of the process that we will likely go through to provide your business with increased efficiency, automation, and optimization. Here is how this will go: 

  1. Defining your business needs. The first step is determining your goals and objectives – our main task is always to assist you with achieving the results you have in mind, so it’s crucial for us to understand what kind of needs you have. 
  2. Investigating your systems and workflows during one or more technical calls. At this stage, Our goal is to transform your business needs into a high-level plan while taking into account all the infrastructure details. To do all of that, we conduct a rigorous analysis of your company. And then we assess the state of the IT infrastructure you already have and discuss the details with business stakeholders and IT staff. Our aim is to find out as much as we can about your systems, workflows, and instruments to form the full picture. 
  3. Planning and outlining required resources. Once the assessment is done, the DevOps company works closely with the business stakeholders to form a roadmap to digital transformation. We will break down the tasks and discuss them with your team to be sure we understand each other. This is how we’ll find out how many specialists and resources we need to allocate to certain tasks. You will be given an estimate of how much time is required to complete as well as what resources our specialists might need to finalize the DevOps transformation. 
  4. Development phase. All of the DevOps services we provide are centered around the automation of business processes and setting up communication and collaboration with your team in an agile and flexible way, following a set schedule, but always ready to pivot if needed. Our number one priority is to always make sure we’re on the same page – you will receive all important information and updates, and we’ll have daily and weekly syncs, where we’ll discuss current tasks, progress, and plans in a clear and transparent manner. 
  5. Support and maintenance. From knowledge sharing with your teams to maintaining your IT infrastructure and providing you with proper documentation, we’ll make sure that implemented changes only continue to improve the workflows inside your organization – your business will be much more flexible now, so adapting to the ever-changing market will be a much easier process. We’ll continue supporting you on your journey, no matter how difficult it can be sometimes.

IT Svit offers limitless opportunities to businesses of all sizes. If you feel like it’s time for a change, give us a call or message us whenever you’re ready, and we’ll be glad to discuss all the details with you. 


What is DevOps?

DevOps is all kinds of practices, philosophies, and instruments combined to improve a company’s performance and speed of delivery of services they offer. In other words, DevOps is a way to improve the workflow inside an organization and provide it with all the means it needs to reduce time-to-market, security risks, and production costs. 

Why do you need a reliable DevOps service provider? 

Even though changes are mostly a positive thing, they can sometimes get you off your track and significantly impact the software development process, along with other IT operations. A reliable DevOps company enables much quicker product development and deployment, makes software maintenance much easier, increases productivity and collaboration, as well as assists you with a multitude of other tasks. 

How is DevOps different from Agile?

Even though both practices are similar, and share the common goal, which is to release the product as quickly as possible, these two methodologies aren’t the same thing. DevOps is more about the continuous deployment of software, while Agile focuses on the continuous delivery of it. Moreover, DevOps is all about bringing development and operations together, while Agile’s main focus is on collaboration, client feedback, and the timely release of the product.

What are the best DevOps practices? 

The list of DevOps practices that can turn any project into a huge success is long, but some practices are more popular than others, such as continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), continuous performance monitoring, integrated change management, complete automation of processes, constant collaboration, Infrastructure as Code, as well as many others. All of these practices were chosen because of their proven effectiveness – as you can see from our case studies, we’ve been able to succeed multiple times with the help of listed DevOps practices.

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