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Enjoy the scalability, high-availability and security of the cloud, while paying only for the resources you actually consumed. IT Svit helps design, implement, maintain and improve cost-efficient, secure and highly-scalable cloud IT infrastructures.

Cloud transition ensures cost-efficiency, fluency and reliability of your IT operations

Is it time for your business to move from dedicated servers to managed cloud computing and stop wasting money? If you think so — we are here to help! Our DevOps team will help you build Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes using Infrastructure as Code, ensuring Continuous Improvement of your product!

Build reliable and portable infrastructures using cloud computing!

One of the best benefits of cloud computing is the modularity and portability of infrastructures. All the cloud vendors provide the same or similar set of databases and basic services, so the businesses can migrate between different clouds with relative ease, replacing the similar components and complementing the systems with open-source cloud-based modules like Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, ELK stack, SumoLogic, etc.

Ready to start?

Cloud computing has long since become the mainstream destination for businesses of all sizes. Resilience and security at scale, pay-as-you-go billing and flexibility to include all kinds of modification and third-party application — these are the main cloud computer services benefits. However, operating you own cloud computing infrastructure requires a certain level of technical background and expertise that are hard to obtain without hands-on experience. Every cloud provider platform, be it AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, DigitalOcean or others, has extensive FAQs and video manuals on using their products. Alas, learning them all in details requires spending lots of time, a luxury modern businesses cannot afford.

This is why startups, small-to-medium businesses, state institutions and public organizations prefer to go along 2 major routes when moving to the cloud: they either order complete management package from cloud service providers themselves, or they contact Managed Services Providers like IT Svit and order their cloud management services. Below we will explain the pros and cons of both approaches.

Buying managed cloud computing services directly from cloud providers

Every cloud computing services provider like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure provides a fully-managed package of their services. You can hire their cloud management specialists for designing, building and maintaining the cloud-based infrastructure for your business. They will provide very resilient, manageable and transparent cloud computing-as-a-service, but there will be one major downside — vendor lock-in.

If your whole cloud infrastructure runs using Amazon Web Services products like S3, EC2, CloudFront CDN, Aurora, Fargate, ECS, CloudTrail, Code Pipeline, CloudWatch, etc. — migration to another cloud service provider becomes nearly impossible. It is only natural that AWS specialists will use AWS products and services unless you directly specify that you need to use third-party cloud infrastructure components or free-to-use open-source tools like Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible and Jenkins, GitHub and DataDog to build your private cloud infrastructure.

Price is yet another point, as Amazon Web Services don’t provide their products and cloud computing services for free, and most of them are designed to run along with other AWS tools as packages. Therefore, when you run a cloud-based infrastructure composed of AWS products and services, you often have to pay for some package components that you don’t actually need, just because AWS services you do require depend on them to function properly.

The last, yet not the least important part of working with huge cloud computing companies is the fact that while they take their pride in replying to tickets under the time frame of their SLA, they physically cannot solve all requests in minutes, just due to the sheer numbers of requests they have to process. Thus said, you will still be served under SLA, yet 15 minutes or 4 hours of shutdown do make a pretty huge difference.

Working with Managed Services Providers for cloud service management

Let’s now compare how the things stand when you decide to use an MSP company like ITSvit for cloud service backup.

Software engineers from MSP companies have nearly as much experience with cloud services management as the staff working for cloud service providers like AWS, GCP or Azure. However, while IT personnel knows their cloud computing platforms best, they rarely have the same level of expertise when managing the infrastructure on other platforms. Quite the opposite, DevOps engineers employed at IT outsourcing companies need to have a decent level of expertise with all cloud computing providers to be able to provide migrations, cloud backup services and build hybrid multi-cloud environments for their customers.

As for avoiding vendor lock-in, DevOps service providers do it by default, as they prefer working with open-source tools to minimize their own operational expenses. Thus said, they will prioritize free components like Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible and ELK stack wherever possible, instead of incorporating cloud service provider-specific features in your infrastructure. This way your cloud-based infrastructure is not tied to a specific cloud vendor and can be adjusted quite easily should the need arise.

As for the speed of response and work under SLA — IT outsourcing companies have some points in their favor there, too. They are much smaller as compared to Amazon Web Services, so people are not just numbers to them and each contract matters. Besides, if a company has fewer contracts, it receives much fewer support requests and can process them much quicker. So you will not only be served under SLA — your requests will be replied and issues resolved much faster than when your requests enter a huge ticket queue waiting for a response from a support team that is limited in time and headcount but has to deal with literally non-stop flow of requests.

As you can see, both working with cloud service provider teams and partnering with IT outsourcing companies have their advantages and shortcomings. But what can Managed Services Providers like IT Svi actually offer in the field of cloud management services?

  1. AWS managed services
  2. Google Cloud managed services
  3. MS Azure managed services
  4. Cloud infrastructure design, implementation, and configuration
  5. Migration between clouds service providers
  6. Transition to the cloud from the legacy infrastructure
  7. Cloud monitoring configuration and cloud backup services
  8. much, much more

We will describe these services in more details in the corresponding site sections.

Why order cloud computing services from IT Svit?

The only question left is why should a company order cloud management services from IT Svit? The main reason here is the reliability of services and return on investment. If your internal staff does not have the required level of expertise to handle cloud computing management, you have to hire the needed talent internally or externally.

Adding these IT engineers to your team permanently is hard, as good cloud management specialists are rare to come by on the job market. They are either happily employed or demand salaries not many businesses can afford — because they are well worth this pay! But even if you do have the needed budget, finding the perfect fit might take several months — and you will have to pay them even when the job is done.

On the other hand, hiring these talents to work on your project by partnering with Managed Services Providers where they are employed — this is by far the best course of actions. You get access to the needed expertise at once, you pay only for the services delivered and you don’t have to pay their salary once they are done with your project. What is even better, this level of talent will be always available, because working at Managed Services Providers gives them lots of experience with various interesting tasks, so they prefer this to routine support of long-term projects.

What do IT Svit Cloud Computing Services include?

There are three major cloud computing services providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. While AWS is the undisputed leader in the cloud computing field, one product cannot fit all sizes, unfortunately. Azure is still better for any company that utilizes Microsoft corporate products like Office 365, Skype for business, Microsoft Exchange, etc., as this type of services is compatible with Azure by default. Google Cloud advantages include native Kubernetes support with GKE, per-second billing for all services and flexible long-term discounts. This makes GCP a great choice for startups who need to scale flexibly as they grow.

Cloud Computing: Business benefits

  • No upfront CAPEX on purchasing the servers
  • Pay-as-you-go OPEX model of resource consumption
  • Cloud infrastructure maintenance is done by service providers
  • Rich functionality and features for any business goals

Cloud Computing: Technical benefits

  • Infrastructure resilience and high-availability
  • Scalability by design to meet your product needs
  • Seamless integration with AI & ML and Big Data visualization
  • Integration with multiple software and SDK’s via APIs

What do you get?

  • Cloud consulting — IT Svit offers free consultations on the required cloud features for achieving your company goals
  • Transition to the cloud — transition to public or on-prem cloud solutions, either by lift-and-shift or building the cloud-native apps
  • Cloud infrastructure design and implementation — quick and detailed design of custom cloud infrastructures, ensuring stable uptime and performance
  • Multi-cloud deployment — ability to span your systems across multiple cloud providers using Kubernetes as an intermediate layer
  • On-prem cloud systems — if a bespoke on-prem cloud solution would be a better choice, we can build it for you
  • Cloud monitoring solutions — a wide variety of cloud monitoring  tools for any need and requirement
  • Logging, alerting and data processing — configuration of smart logging systems with preconfigured alerts and automated responses for standard issues
  • Data visualization and analysis — flexible dashboards for turning your machine-generated operational data into a goldmine of business insights

Should you wish to work with IT Svit — we are always ready to help with your projects!

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