What Do We Offer?

Trustworthy database support from IT Svit

Lots of businesses come to the realization they need external database support to implement their projects if their in-house database support specialists are out of their depth. Sometimes you might need a third-party consulting to evaluate the best way to manage your data and databases, especially if the velocity and volume of data grow rapidly. Implementing such systems requires transparent management, in-depth monitoring, and emphasis on performance. IT Svit provides exactly this, as our remote database management team has ample experience in the design and implementation of heavy-duty systems for heavy-workload IT projects.

Database migrations and upgrades

There are multiple database versions, naturally, and in lots of cases, the older versions have to be updated to meet the needs of new projects. Whether you perform a transition from a legacy system to a cloud analog or have to adopt a totally new system — you will have to reconstruct your database environment to adapt to adjusted business needs. IT Svit helps achieve the maximum cost-efficiency of database support and management by deploying skilled professionals that can rich the project goals on time and under budget.

Remote database administration support

The key difference between managing the data and databases vs performing cloud infrastructure management and monitoring is that this work is more periodic in nature. While database administration includes daily operations, major adjustments are usually quite rare, and well-configured systems can operate for prolonged periods without minute monitoring. Thus said, the key requirement for enabling such smooth operations is working with experienced DBAs, and IT Svit is glad to provide the talents required.

Elevate your database performance today

Maximize the efficiency and reliability of your database systems with our comprehensive support services. Our team of experienced professionals offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, whether it’s troubleshooting issues, optimizing performance, or ensuring data security and compliance.

What Will You Get?

Dedicated database support services for your business

Data and databases used to run your products and applications must be stored securely, be easily available on the user’s demand and quickly deleted on request, according to GDPR. Configuring database administration in this way requires decent expertise, which is hard to come by in database administrators that work on the same project for years.

Quite the contrary, when working for an IT outsourcing company, a database administrator partakes in a huge variety of projects over a short period of time, allowing them to gain a decent understanding of DBA best practices quickly. What’s even more important, working on a huge variety of projects allows the DBA to master the latest versions of databases, management, and monitoring applications and other tools, which was unlikely to happen while working on a single project for years.

Besides increasing the toolset and skillset, this approach trains the out-of-the-box settings, as quite often different databases have unique features. While repeating these features in other databases is rarely possible, implementing bespoke modules with this functionality as workarounds for otherwise unsolvable problems can be the way to dramatically increase the system performance and efficiency of operations for your data and databases.

Database environment updates and optimization

Every business or organization builds a unique infrastructure, based on the different levels of technology and skill available, as well as on the budget allotted. However, as the business grows and improves its database monitoring efficiency, it often becomes obvious that the infrastructure in place is not perfect. There might be performance bottlenecks and other shortcomings arising from technology or procedural limitations. IT Svit provides a wide range of database management and DevOps services to ensure database environment optimization for your business.

Keep in mind, though, that the latest databases might have quite different modus operandi and be not quite compatible with the legacy database versions used in your company. Thus said, skilled database administrators have to accommodate the data and workflows at hand in order to adapt them to the new system architecture and utilize the latest technology available. This is hard to do without a corresponding experience, which is nearly unobtainable when a database administrator works for years on the same project.

Remote database support services

One of the main areas of IT Svit expertise involves providing remote database administration and support services. We have extensive in-depth knowledge of various operating systems, SQL and NoSQL databases, the differences between cloud-based and on-prem databases and other peculiarities of database management. During 10+ years of remote server administration and throughout 500+ successfully accomplished projects our DBAs gained a thorough understanding of the best practices of database management and the ways to ensure the top-notch performance of your databases.

Our software engineers and database administrators work 9 to 18 GMT+3 but if you need 24/7 support, we can also provide it. Due to the in-depth understanding of common database administration issues and best-practices, we can solve most of the requests overnight or in reasonably short terms. Thus said, we guarantee that IT Svit team will help you reach your business objectives in time and ensure stable performance of your systems.


Why choose database support from IT Svit?

The main problem every company faces is finding the skilled professionals for performing the required tasks, be it server support, software development, Big Data analytics or anything else. There are three common approaches: trying to hire the specialists into your in-house IT department, hire an IT outsourcing company or order the service from your cloud service provider.

Hiring a data administrator in-house is just as hard and unpredictable as hiring any other specialist. You have to find the right fit for your team, both from hard skills and soft skill standpoint, and you depend on them, as if they fall sick, go on a vacation or quit the job, you are left without the required skills until a replacement is found. Besides, this approach means you have to spend resources on recruitment, onboarding, team building, invest in the professional growth of the talent, etc. — and all of these are lost should this professional leave your team.

If a company decides to subscribe for managed database administration services from their cloud platform team, they have their needs covered, yes, but on one condition — this is the surest way to vendor lock-in. Should you ever need to move away and migrate to another cloud platform — you will basically have to build your database management from scratch.

This is why opting for an IT outsourcing company is actually the best strategy. Managed Services Providers like IT Svit house teams of experienced database administrators, who work on a wide variety of projects over a relatively short span of time. This helps to both master various instruments and learn multiple best practices quickly, instead of working with the same tools for years and gain in-depth knowledge on the most common database administration issues and the best ways of dealing with them. Most importantly, quick project rotation ensures the DBAs are not bored to death by dealing with the same system for years. In addition, should your remote DBA leave, the replacements will be provided by the IT outsourcing company, so you are protected from any unforeseen circumstances.

How can IT Svit help your business?

To wrap it up, database support services from IT Svit provide such tangible business benefits:

  • instant access to skilled DBAs with an in-depth understanding of database administration nooks and crannies
  • limited project budget, so you spend only on what you need and only till you need it
  • a pool of developer documentation to help your in-house team handle the data and database
  • guarantee of process continuity, as the IT outsourcing provider replaces the data administrators should the need be
  • ability to onboard and offboard a project as the need arises, instead of paying for idle time of DBAs.

Thus said, if you need a solid expertise for your database support project – IT Svit is ready to help!

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