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Managed Server Services from IT Svit

Any company that depends on IT operations to support customer-facing systems and deliver its products or services over the Internet understands, that server management services are crucial for ensuring stable operations and uninterrupted value delivery. IT Svit can back you up in this by more than a decade of experience in providing server outsourcing services.

Server analysis services for Windows/*nix systems

Every business builds its server infrastructure based on expertise at hand, according to the needs of the moment, the technology and the budget available. With time, better technology becomes available and legacy systems can become inadequate. IT Svit provides server analysis services to determine the cost-efficiency and server security of the existing server hardware and software, and outline the ways to improve the system performance.

Automation of server management services

Daily server management services include lots of tasks like installation, configuration, and updates of various operating systems, server monitoring, and 24/7 server support. IT Svit offers automation of a full range of managed server services, from setup and configuration to monitorings and analysis. We can help you get the most out of your server infrastructure while spending minimum time and effort on managing it.

Server Security and Compliance Assessment

While dedicated server network provides a decent level of security, it still has to comply with rigid regulations to ensure it operates according to legal requirements. Thus said, periodic server security and compliance assessment are essential for all businesses, especially for those working with state institutions. IT Svit is glad to provide in-depth checking routine for assessing the state of security for your servers.

Benefits of Our Services

The Best Cost

When the business grows enough, the public cloud service provider bills become so huge that operating a private or hybrid cloud platform or a network of dedicated servers in various data centers becomes quite a viable alternative.

Server Security

While various Gartner and Forrester ratings continue to praise cloud security services, continuous scandals with leaks of corporate and US DoD data from AWS and other cloud service providers continue to cause concerns in the minds of business owners.

Investment Involving

Moving to the cloud would involve quite a large investment and a huge effort, so many companies worldwide are as of yet hesitant to pursue this line of action, regardless of possible performance gains.

Are you seeking professional consultation?

Our team offers tailored solutions and expert guidance to optimize your Kubernetes journey in the cloud.

5 Stages of Kubernetes Implementation

Explore the five stages of Kubernetes implementation to seamlessly transition your infrastructure to containerization.

Understanding your business needs

First, we will determine what your business needs and goals are, and how we can help you achieve them. We will not only identify your needs, but also find out ways in which your business can grow, automate all processes, cut expenses, and ensure complete safety.

Technical roadmap

During this stage, we conduct an analysis of your infrastructure, which allows us to identify the existing bottlenecks and determine what we can do to make improvements. In a case where you don’t have an infrastructure already built, we’ll assist you with building it from scratch and ensuring that it is tailored to your needs and business goals.

High-level planning

At this point, our task is to create a plan that takes into account all the milestones, deliverables, and team composition. In the end, we’ll receive a clear picture of all the steps required to achieve your business goals while staying within the budget.


During this phase, our consulting service will leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure we successfully attain all the goals we’ve set in the beginning. Since our ultimate objective is to provide you with all the means you need to achieve your business goals, we’ll offer you our technical expertise to assist you.

Support & maintenance

Even after we’ve achieved all goals, we will still continue to provide ongoing support. Our services are designed to help you with making sure that your IT infrastructure is running smoothly, so our team of experts will continue supporting you. From routine maintenance to complex troubleshooting, we are ready to help you out with anything.

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