24/7 server tech support from IT Svit

Server support is crucial for ensuring stable operations of your server infrastructure. IT Svit has 14+ years of experience with server support services, including Windows server management, *nix servers monitoring, etc. We know what needs to be done to help your business succeed and how to do it best! SLA, NDA and our vast hands-on expertise in technical support ensure your IT operations work reliably and cost-efficiently!

Remote network server support

Skilled IT Svit administrators have deep hands-on expertise with remote server management, both on-prem and data center ones. We have a huge library of ready scripts and macro commands for ensuring rapid setup, updating and management for all kinds of servers and virtual machines, with any operating system and software installed. We also have some decent expertise and understanding of the best practices of server monitoring, which will help implement 24/7 server monitoring, logging and alerting to guarantee stable uptime.

Building transparent and maintainable server technology

Every company builds its server system to the best of their ability using the most appropriate server technology available at the moment within the budget limits. However, with time and after numerous alterations, such systems become a tangle of inter-dependable machines, where an update to a single server can result in major failure for the whole system. IT Svit specializes in straightening such tangles and rebuilding them correctly to ensure transparency and maintainability of your IT operations.

Ready to start?

Over the course of 14+ years of our experience, we came to the same conclusions as Dr. Werner Wogels, Amazon CTO. He once said that “everything fails, all the time.” Therefore, the question is not how to avoid failures. The question is — how to ensure the inevitable failures don’t interrupt your normal operations too much and disaster recovery scenarios are in place.

The most important part of remote server support services is the understanding of the best practices of server operations. the ways to expedite your request correctly and how to address the issues accurately once they arise. Our domain expertise covers lots of server management workflows, from basic operating system setup, configuration and updates to automated backup & restore scenarios. We have 3 lines of support with experienced professionals in place, who take care of any issues as soon as possible.

Proactive system flaws recognition

Due to housing highly skilled professionals, we can assess the state of our customer’s infrastructure, identify the existing system flaws and potential security breaches and propose the best solutions for them. More to say, we often have said solutions ready at hand and can apply them within a day, quickly increasing the efficiency of IT operations for your business.

It is a good practice to continuously look for the potential drawbacks and flaws, identify them and undertake the necessary actions to correct these issues proactively. Our system administrators have ample experience with typical issues one can encounter while providing online server support and can sort them out proactively before they do any harm to your business. This helps turn a tangled mess of legacy infrastructure into a transparent and cost-efficient system with streamlined workflows and high performance.

DevOps approach to server monitoring

Due to our ample experience with both system administration and *nix/Windows server support, we can implement both on-prem and cloud-based monitoring solutions including Sumologic, Splunk, Prometheus+Grafana, Nagios, Icinga, DataDog, ELK stack, FluentD and other tools. We can also build custom dashboards that simplify the server monitoring, alerting and logging.

Due to implementing smart monitoring algorithms based on Machine Learning models, we can deploy predictive and prescriptive analytics that get most of the load off the shoulders of system administrators. This way the system algorithms know the person currently responsible for some aspect of operations (the nickname and/or mobile number of admin on shift) and expedite your request directly through a chatbot, sending a link to the issue ticket and a screenshot of dashboard situation.

Thus said, the admins receive the alerts at once, not in several minutes or hours. This approach ensures minimal time is spent resolving the problems that would have resulted in major downtimes otherwise.

Reliable 24/7 server support means satisfied customers!

IT Svit learned the importance of timely online server support by heart. Our system administrators have ample in-depth experience in dealing with all kinds of servers, operating systems and runtime environments. We know how to ensure your products or services are available around the clock, and systems are fault-tolerant and resilient while remaining cost-efficient and manageable.

To wrap it up, if your company uses Windows/*nix server located on-prem or in a remote data center and you need reliable online server support – IT Svit is ready to step up and provide cost-efficient, timely and professional server tech support! You servers will work smoothly, so your customers are satisfied and your business can grow!

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