What Do We Offer?

Docker container management services from IT Svit

Container management is the best way to ensure your app works cost-efficiently and reliably under heavy workloads. IT Svit has ample experience with container management software like Docker, Rancher, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. We offer our container management services to ensure your apps run securely and cost-efficiently and are updated seamlessly.

AWS container management

Amazon Web Services is the most popular cloud platform worldwide, so it’s only natural it is the most frequent destination for app containerization. IT Svit has ample experience with AWS container management, both using vendor-specific tools like Amazon ECS and Fargate and with the help of open-source alternatives like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. This allows us to utilize all the benefits of AWS to build secure, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructures for containerized apps.

Enabling container management for Docker images

Docker Registry, images, and containers are all parts of a single Docker Engine, and there is an extensive knowledge base covering the basics of their usage. However, to ensure maximum efficiency of operations and performance of containerized applications, you should have an in-depth understanding of multiple important details, which can be obtained only through the live experience. IT Svit has gathered this expertise over the course of 5 years and more than 200 projects involving Docker containers — and we are glad to help you out!

Running containerized apps on a Kubernetes cluster

Kubernetes is the most popular configuration tool for managing Docker containers. It can provide an immense performance boost, as well as security, scalability, transparency of monitoring, infrastructure immutability and many other business benefits. However, to enable this functionality, you’ll need to configure Kubernetes cluster correctly and this is hard to do. IT Svit lends a hand, as we have successfully designed and implemented multiple cloud infrastructures for containerized apps based on Kubernetes.

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Take control of your containers with our expert Container Management Services! Simplify deployment, streamline operations, and scale effortlessly with our tailored solutions.

What Can You Get?

Reliable container management software and services

IT Svit fields a trustworthy DevOps team with lots of experience in managing Terraform platform, Kubernetes clusters, Docker containers, Jenkins workers, Ansible playbooks and other infrastructure configuration tools. We provide app containerization as a part of our full-scale services for startups and we are quite good at it.

There are multiple reasons for building your infrastructure and IT operations using container orchestration:

  • Containerized apps are more resource-efficient, as containers deliver 300% more productivity, as compared to using virtual machines to run the same number of app instances.
  • Splitting the app into microservices running in separate Docker containers ensures security, scalability and ease of monitoring for your production environments.
  • Containers simplify load balancing, as various microservices can scale independently depending on workload, ensuring optimal spending of your budget on cloud-based IT operations.

Experienced DevOps engineers for AWS container management

Building efficient CI/CD pipelines for container management requires hiring a team of experienced DevOps engineers with an in-depth understanding of all the aspects of cloud-based IT operations and workflows. AWS is the most popular cloud destination and over the years we amassed significant expertise in managing cloud-native containerized applications in AWS production environments. Utilizing both vendor-specific and open-source container management tools, we build end-to-end cloud-based solutions that enable the businesses to deliver more value to their customers and gain a competitive edge.

Good DevOps engineers are usually employed either by cloud platform vendors like AWS, Google or MS Azure or by Managed Services Providers. Highly-skilled software engineers are rarely available on the market and hiring them in-house presents the same challenges as hiring any other IT specialist — great specialists cost a lot and can’t be easily persuaded to join your team, while mediocre developers pose a danger of failing your project and wasting all the time and effort invested. If you decide to opt for a cloud provider’s container management services, possible negative results include either spending a ton of effort to master the cloud platform functionality, or ending up in vendor lock-in, an outcome every business wants to avoid.

Benefits of container orchestration from IT Svit

IT Svit is proud to field a great DevOps team, as coming across decent software engineers is quite hard. There is nothing worse for an IT specialist than working on the same project for years, using the same tools and not growing the skills, along with his colleagues. The only result of such employment is the stalemate of rapidly decreasing the value of the specialist and its attractiveness for potential employers. Thus said, DevOps engineers prefer to change the areas of their employment every year or so, to keep their skill set and toolset relevant, as well as preventing burnout.

Working for a Managed Services Provider like IT Svit meets all the requirements of a talented DevOps engineer.

  • We offer a friendly team of motivated professionals who love learning new skills and helping their colleagues master them
  • Our projects usually last from several months to a year, ensuring all team members can accomplish them before the burnout affects their productivity
  • Customers usually give us the carte-blanche, so we are able to use the latest stable versions of popular open-source DevOps tools instead of working with legacy infrastructure and toolkits
  • Huge variety of projects allows forming a pool of readymade solutions for typical project issues, so we can build modular, scalable and cost-efficient cloud-native solutions and adapt them to the needs of every particular project.

Therefore, ordering container orchestration services from IT Svit will ensure you get your project done on time, under budget and using the best open-source tools possible. If you need to implement cost-efficient container management — let us know, we will be glad to help!

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