Natural Language Processing (NLP)

With our advanced NLP solutions, you will be able to create a flawless communication process between humans and machines. We are ready to deploy various models, from chatbots to sentiment analysis, to empower your organization.

Deep Learning Algorithms

We will design and integrate state-of-the-art DL algorithms that would help you overcome various industry challenges and carry out tasks like speech recognition, text classification, language translation, and many others.

Predictive Analytics

Knowing what the future might hold for you, even something pretty unexpected and surprising, is now a real possibility with predictive analytics. With IT Svit, you will obtain insights into trends, behaviors, possible challenges, and others.

Intelligent Automation

With our AI-powered automation solutions, you will get rid of repetitive and time-consuming tasks for good. We offer services with the help of which you can automate most of your workflows and operations.

Ready to start AI transformation?

Overcome Business Challenges with AI

  • Enhancing decision-making. One of the biggest challenges many businesses face is decision-making. Business owners and leaders often have to make complex decisions that are based on a myriad of factors, and often it is hard to take everything into account. With the help of AI, everything can quickly change, and businesses gain an advantage that comes in the form of quicker processes of data analysis and data-based predictions. Now, it is easier to make decisions that are now backed up by in-depth analysis of vast data sets. 
  • Automation of various processes and workflows. Artificial intelligence opens up many opportunities for the automation of all sorts of tasks, including big projects and very repetitive processes that require a lot of time and effort. Businesses can now save a lot of their resources and money, and focus on more important projects.
  • Risk assessment and fraud detection. AI is capable of safeguarding business in multiple ways: from detecting fraudulent activities to identifying potential risks and anomalies. By integrating AI into your systems and workflows, you can avoid most issues and risks without having to take heavy precautions and safety measures, since you will be able to prevent possible problems at very early stages.
  • Market analysis and competitor research. By tapping into AI’s ability to conduct detailed research and analysis, you can find out more about the industry’s market and learn what you can change in your business to gain a competitive advantage. Moreover, you will also obtain insights into your competitors and understand how well their performance is and how they do business. By knowing and understanding your competition, you will know what your target audience would like to see next. 

Benefits of AI Transformation

  • Improved decision-making process. With the help of AI for business, you will be able to make decisions based on high-quality data obtained thanks to complicated predictive analytics and AI algorithms. You will always have facts to back up every decision, so you can rest assured that you choose the right thing for your business once you start leveraging data for decision making. 
  • Cost savings. After undergoing AI transformation, businesses will be able to save up a ton of money and resources without compromising the quality of their offerings. Automation of various processes, data-driven decision making, and other capabilities of AI open up many possibilities for budget optimization. 
  • Risk mitigation. AI is capable of assisting companies in detecting malware, fraud, and other risks related to safety. By integrating AI solutions into a company’s processes, it becomes possible to protect sensitive information and private data.
  • Increased productivity. Artificial intelligence frees up a lot of resources that can be spent on more important and strategic tasks instead of projects and assignments that are very repetitive and require a lot of time and effort. By trusting AI, companies can increase the productivity of their teams by 50% and more. 
  • Personalized experiences for your customers. With the help of AI transformation services, you can create personalized customer journeys and experiences that will make your brand stand out among the competitors and attract an even bigger audience to it.

Discovery Phase


  • Help your business go through a successful AI transformation and gain a competitive advantage 
  • Foster innovation through AI without having to hire an in-house team 

In-depth research: 

  • Assessing accessible data
  • Conducting ML problem discovery sessions 
  • Creating a solutions architecture 
  • Crafting a roadmap for adoption 


  • An adoption roadmap that includes AI solutions 
  • A complete plan of implementation and a thorough analysis of PoC

Our Process

  1. Defining Your Business Needs. Our main task is to gain a deep understanding of your needs and objectives, which will help us ensure our efforts align with the results you desire. We want you to feel comfortable working with us, so feel free to share anything you have in mind, and we’ll do our best to meet your needs and expectations. 
  2. Analysis of Your Systems and Workflows. During a series of technical calls, we will conduct a thorough investigation of all your systems and workflows, as well as analyze your existing IT infrastructure. We will also engage with business stakeholders and IT staff to learn more about your business and gain a deeper understanding of solutions that would be a perfect fit for you. 
  3. Planning and Outlining Required Resources. Once the assessment is complete, we collaborate closely with your team to form a digital transformation roadmap. By breaking down tasks and estimating required time and resources, we ensure clear alignment and transparency.
  4. Development Phase. Our Artificial intelligence transformation service focuses on streamlining operations with automation and improving business outcomes with predictive analytics. We maintain a flexible approach, adhering to schedules but ready to adapt as needed. We will also meet up during daily and weekly syncs to ensure clear and transparent discussions of progress, tasks, and plans.
  5. Support and Maintenance. Our commitment extends beyond implementation. We are ready to maintain IT infrastructure and provide detailed documentation as needed. The changes implemented will enhance your workflows, making your business more flexible and adaptable to market changes.


What is AI transformation?

AI transformation is the process of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to improve certain aspects of a particular business or company. It includes utilizing AI-powered capabilities and technologies to create solutions that are meant to solve problems a business is dealing with, as well as enhance its operations and workflows. 

How can AI transformation benefit my business?

Going through an AI transformation is a process that can benefit businesses in numerous ways. By leveraging advancements in natural language processing, deep learning algorithms, and other capabilities of AI, businesses can increase their revenue, automate customer support, enhance customer experience, optimize business processes, and do many other things. 

Which industries can benefit from AI transformation?

Businesses across all industries can benefit from AI transformation and its capabilities. Here are some of the industries that can enhance their workflows and operations with its help: 

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Finance and Banking
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Manufacturing and Industry
  • Energy and Utilities 
  • Government and Public Services
  • Education and E-learning

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other industries that can be greatly augmented by the capabilities of AI.

What AI technologies do you specialize in?

Our team specializes in a huge variety of technologies, including but not limited to: 

  • Machine learning integration
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Automation and optimization
  • Cognitive computing
  • Neural networks
  • AI implementation
  • Cognitive technologies
  • Neural networks in business
  • Natural language processing
  • AI-powered language understanding
  • Named entity recognition
  • Information extraction
  • Text summarization

…as well as many others. From chatbots and virtual assistants to language generation models, we are ready to assist you with everything. 

Can AI transformation solutions be customized to my specific business needs?

AI business transformation solutions can be customized to your specific business needs. Here at IT Svit, we understand that every business is unique and has to deal with its own challenges and achieve its goals. This is why we offer tailored solutions meant to address your pain points. 

Do I need a large amount of data to implement AI transformation?

The amount of data needed to implement AI transformation depends solely on the AI applications you would like to deploy. Having a large amount of data can be beneficial in some cases, but it is not a requirement. Before starting the project, IT Svit will provide you with detailed information on what type of data you need and in what quantities.

How long does it take to implement AI transformation in my business?

The timeline for implementation of AI transformation depends on many factors, including score and complexity, data availability, technology readiness, regulatory requirements, and many others. Even though we can’t say right away how much time is needed, we can guarantee you that our team will be able to complete the project 40% faster compared to hiring an in-house team.

How can I get started with AI transformation for my business?

All you need to do is just let us know that you are ready to get started, and we will kick off our partnership right away. Contact us through the most convenient method for you, and we’ll guide you through the whole AI transformation process. We are transforming businesses with AI, and we are here to answer questions like what is AI transformation and help you learn more about the benefits of artificial intelligence and ways it can reshape your business. 

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