17 August 2020 - DevOps

SBN — Python&Django development and DevOps services for a mobile software developer

SBN (Simple But Needed) is a mobile software developer and technology provider offering a set of tools for workplace inspections, on-the-go inventory management and other crucial system operations in government, healthcare and financial industries. They needed a senior Python& Django developer and a DevOps specialist to augment their internal team and facilitate the development of various features for their product suite.

Case info

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Computer software development

Partnership period: January 2019 – ongoing

Team size: 2 Python developers, 1 DevOps engineer

Team location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Services: Dedicated software development, AWS infrastructure configuration and optimization, monitoring and alerting,

Expertise delivered: Dedicated software development, cloud infrastructure optimization, CI/CD implementation, relational DB design and scaling

Technology stack: AWS tools, Python/Django, Django Rest Framework, REST, Docker, Celery, AWS, GKE, Heroku, Prometheus & Grafana, AlertManager

Project requirements

The scope of work  included the following:

  1. Develop functionality for a variety of features
  2. Implement CI/CD processes for software delivery automation
  3. Assist internal specialists in software architecture optimization

Challenges and solutions

We were added to an active team that was already developing a product for some time. Our Python developers had to study the existing infrastructure and augment the employed team with their expertise. The customer was satisfied with the performance of our specialists who were able to hit the ground running and deliver top-notch clean code consistently and under deadlines. Daily communication ensured the team is on the same wave and the development effort is aligned with the rest of the team.


Python developers and DevOps specialists provided by IT Svit helped reorganize the product structure, develop new features, optimize the software delivery process. The customer was very satisfied with the quality of the deliverables, timely task completion and professional attitude of our specialists, which resulted in an ongoing partnership


IT Svit has proved its reputation as a trustworthy IT outsourcing company once more. We were able to provide reliable services from skilled software engineers and deliver high-quality software that met and exceeded customer’s expectations.

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