29 September 2023 - AI

AI Text Recognition Solution for European HR Startup

Executive summary

Client: HURMA Systems, a SaaS company specializing in HR and recruitment automation.

Challenge: The primary challenge faced by HURMA was the manual data processing and transfer of thousands of resumes, complicated by the lack of standardized formats, arbitrary text structures, and multiple languages.

Solution: IT Svit implemented an AI-powered text recognition algorithm, revolutionizing the resume processing experience. This innovation enabled users to send resumes in various formats and languages effortlessly, saving time and optimizing their workflow.

HURMA: What Do They Do?

HURMA Systems is a SaaS company for automating HR and recruitment processes. Initially, we created the system for the company’s internal needs, so we used our extensive experience and expertise in DevOps, Big Data, and data security. We put our hearts and souls into creating HURMA Systems, and in 2018, it was launched to the public. Since then, it’s been transforming the approach to HR and recruiting in the European market.

Challenge details

One of the biggest challenges for SaaS companies is constantly optimizing their functionality to retain current customers and attract new ones. 

In the case of HURMA, the main audience for the product is recruiters. One of the frequent problems they face is the need to process and transfer data from hundreds of different resumes manually. 

It is also worth highlighting other issues that created extra obstacles for recruiters: 

  1. There is no unified document format for a CV, so recruiters can receive PDF, DOCS, or even an IMG file. 
  2. The text formatting is also arbitrary. For example, even in the name section, it can be a different order of name and surname. 
  3. Users from multilingual countries also face the problem of receiving resumes in different languages.

Therefore, the HURMA team sought to provide users with a convenient solution to this problem.

Solution Implementation

IT Svit has extensive experience in implementing AI for business, so in this case, our team used this technology as the basis of the solution. The ultimate goal was to create a service for recognizing resumes’ text and transferring data to the internal functionality of HURMA.

To implement this idea, our engineers tested several text recognition algorithms. We tested the NER solution from NLTK, CoreNLP, and different off-the-shelf solutions, but such algorithms were unsuitable for searching for Slavic names. For our final product, we used a solution for Google library using the Celery library to improve stability under high loads.

As we mentioned earlier, all resumes have different formats, text patterns, and even languages, so the model had to be trained to work effectively in such conditions. A series of tests and improvements took 2 months to complete.

Now, users can send one or more resumes in different formats: PDF, TXT, DOCS, IMG, etc., and receive standardized data in HURMA. Also, if a person responds to a vacancy on a job portal and sends a resume, the service processes it and transfers the data to the system.

Such a solution allows users of HURMA to save hours of their time and optimize their workflow. 


IT Svit has developed an AI solution for a leading European HR Tech startup. Our engineers trained the algorithm and implemented it in the HURMA environment so that users without technical skills could easily use it.

The solution has brought many benefits to our client, including increased product satisfaction among current customers and increased sales to new users.

Would you also like to boost your SaaS or implement an AI solution for business? IT Svit can become a reliable partner for your technology solutions.

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