Professional staffing services for technology companies

Sometimes it is hard to cover all the needs of your company with in-house talents. IT service providers can help by offering full-time staffing solutions, so you get access to highly-skilled professionals that can start working on your project at once. IT Svit has years of experience in providing high-quality staffing services for software development and cloud IT operations alike.

Highly-skilled employees for any staffing needs

At IT Svit we provide end-to-end software solutions, so our specialists have ample experience with all stages of software delivery lifecycle: full-stack web and app development, DevOps services, cloud infrastructure management and monitoring, customer service, Big Data analytics, blockchain development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence training, etc. We house dedicated teams that can onboard your project quickly and deliver it on time.

Short-term software development for long-term business benefits

Due to working with businesses of all sizes on projects with a wide variety of scopes, our IT engineers have a thorough understanding of all nooks and crannies of standard projects and have efficient solutions for them at hand. This helps avoid major mistakes and shortens time-to-market for your projects, as our staffing firm can help proactively solve all the challenges you might face during the software development.

Efficient team members that work in dedicated teams

We help your business succeed by fielding experienced dedicated teams that become an integral part of your in-house IT staff. With one of the best customer review records in the IT staffing industry and being among the top 10 Managed Services Providers worldwide, IT Svit is able to provide teams for short-term projects that grow into long-term partnerships.

Ready to start?

Staffing the talents to build a productive team is essential for the success of any business, but to be efficient it requires devoting significant resources to the process. However, sometimes the budget or time frames are tight, or the company might simply need a full-time remote talent to do a specific job fast and not pay for his standby in the future. In this case, staffing-as-a-service is the way to go in such a case and IT Svit is capable of providing highly-skilled specialists for both short-term and long-term IT staffing projects.

There are multiple staffing agencies worldwide and in the United States in general and New York City, in particular, who provide help with IT staffing. They provide access to pre-vetted lists of candidates for each vacancy and help the client select the best fit for their requirements. The problem with this approach, however, is that the data in these lists are not always fully relevant.

The candidates might grow as professionals, take a full-time employment job or, quite the contrary, go on parental leave. In this case, working with staffing agencies simply adds another layer between your business and your potential team. This is why working directly with IT outsourcing companies that have ready teams in place might be preferential for any business.

A business can gain multiple benefits from ordering IT staffing services directly from IT outsourcing providers like IT Svit:

  • Top-quality talents. Managed Services Providers like IT Svit can attract and retain top-notch talents much easier than average companies. Why so? Because IT specialists value freedom to improve much more than fat checks, so they prefer working on several varying projects for several months to being stuck with a single project for years. IT Svit allows these highly-skilled professionals to accomplish multiple varying projects over a short span of time, so it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.
  • Readily available teams. If a company obtains staffing services to hire more than one specialist for the project, building a team might become a time-consuming effort. It is much better when the staffing firm provides a team with several years of experience and successful projects behind them, is it not?
  • Continuity of development. There is the notorious “bus problem” — will you be able to continue the project if your specialist is hit by a bus tomorrow? Obviously, having a replacement at hand is required, but paying 2 salaries just in case is not an option. Working with pure staffing industry does not help with this problem, as if your specialist quits or gets ill for a long time, they will have to go through the whole recruitment routine again.
    On the other hand, IT outsourcing providers like IT Svit have multiple DevOps engineers, Big Data architects, full-stack developers, etc. Thus said, if one team member gets ill or quits, finding a replacement is much faster.
  • Adequacy of cultural fit assessment. Staffing companies don’t employ the talents they provide for you, they simply have them interviewed. However, hard and soft skills written in a CV are rarely enough to ensure this hire will be a good cultural fit for your team. On the other hand, IT engineers working at MSPs are already organized in teams and have decent experience working with their colleagues. They are much more team-compatible, as compared to freelancers and are much more likely to be a cultural fit for your staff.

Using IT staffing services from established companies like IT Svit helps make sure your staffing needs are covered not only on time and under budget, but with highly-skilled professionals able to deliver high-quality solutions and services on time.

IT Svit — professional outstaffing services

IT Svit is an IT consulting and staffing services provider headquartered in the US with an R&D center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing offshore IT staffing services and are accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, from industries like:

  • financial services,
  • retail,
  • advertising,
  • industry & manufacturing,
  • banking,
  • eGovernment projects
  • startup consulting

Our IT engineers have decent experience with tasks like

  • full-stack web and app development
  • blockchain development,
  • full-cycle services for startups,
  • managed cloud computing services,
  • cloud monitoring solutions,
  • DevOps services
  • Big Data analytics and solutions, etc.
  • digital transformation
  • transition to the cloud and cloud migrations
  • customer service
  • remote server administration
  • automated QA and testing, etc.

We provide various IT staffing models, from remote augmentation of your team to remote R&D work from our office:

  • short-term staffing for one-time tasks
  • full-time staffing for a long-term partnership
  • dedicated teams for remote work on your project

IT Svit fields more than 50 highly-skilled software developers, DevOps engineers, and Big Data architects. Most of our employees are Middle and Senior-level specialists used to both short-term outstaffing tasks and long-term staffing services. We can ensure minimal project onboarding time and shorter time-to-market for your project, while maintaining a high quality of services. We are used to working with companies from the EU and the US and out time zones overlap auite conveniently for our customers.

If you need a single specialist to augment your team, he or she will integrate into your workflows, task tracking systems and communication channels. Should you wish to work with a dedicated team, we will provide a dedicated Project manager, who will delegate the tasks, monitor the project progress and act as a single point of contact between the team and the customer. This way you will be able to concentrate on your core business tasks while keeping the hand on the pulse of the project.

We will be glad to help you accomplish your project goals and succeed! Let’s discuss your staffing needs and find the solutions that fit you best!

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