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What to expect while designing a Machine Learning solution?

What to expect while designing a Machine Learning solution?

Machine Learning is the process of applying various algorithms and models to extract useful patterns and actionable highlights from the Big Data sets. It is extremely useful for supporting the business decision-making, yet there are some underwater reefs one should be aware of before beginning this journey.

The hard point is that there are multiple Machine Learning algorithms and some of them are better suited to dealing with certain tasks. Thus said, choosing the most precise, fast and cost-efficient model for each case is one of the biggest challenges we have to deal with.


White Paper Overview. What’s inside?

This white paper describes the process building a Machine Learning solution:

  1. Choosing the appropriate ML model for the case
  2. Training the model and assessing its efficiency
  3. Fine-tuning the solution to meet the customer’s needs
  4. Ensuring horizontal scalability and GDPR-compliance of your ML solution

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