Managed MS Azure Services from IT Svit

MS Azure serves nearly 30% of all cloud computing users worldwide, and most of these are global corporations. This is due to the fact that MS Azure is the basis for Active Directory, Skype for Business, MS Outlook, Office 365, Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft products that form the backbone of the enterprise software ecosystem. However, MS Azure is not the simplest system to manage, not is it the cheapest one, so managed MS Azure services help minimize the time and effort spent on your IT operations.

MS Azure configuration for your needs

MS Azure configuration must be as rapid and error-free as possible to ensure the uninterrupted availability of your mission-critical systems. IT Svit has 5+ years of MS Azure configuration and management expertise and we can ensure timely and cost-efficient delivery of all your projects involving MS Azure.

Migration to and from MS Azure

There are multiple scenarios where a UK business might need to migrate to or from MS Azure. IT Svit has performed multiple migrations between various cloud platforms. We have a thorough knowledge of all the typical challenges your business might encounter during such a transition — and we have the ready solutions for such challenges. IT Svit can ensure the successful completion of any cloud migration project and help your company reach all business objectives!

Ready to start?

MS Azure is one of the leading cloud service providers worldwide. Along with AWS and GCP, Azure serves hundreds of  Fortune500 companies and businesses across the globe. Azure cloud computing services are varied and include products like:

  • IaaS instances of varying sizes,
  • Azure Functions for serverless computing,
  • Managed Kubernetes (AKS) service,
  • Managed distributed databases,
  • Big Data analytics,
  • Blockchain development tools,
  • Gaming software libraries,
  • AI and ML libraries, SDK and APIs,
  • IoT tools and much more.

The full range of MS Azure products and services is so wast that it can be really overwhelming for evaluating what your company actually needs for accomplishing your project. To say more, most of these products are interconnected, and one might form an opinion that purchasing a whole bunch of features you don’t actually need will be required to accomplish what you are after. To make sure you subscribe only to the really required services and make the most of your investment it’s better to partner with a reputable Managed Services Provider like IT Svit.

MS Azure Managed Services: Business Benefits

  • Top-notch services and modules for projects of any kind
  • Cost-effectiveness from the very start of the project
  • Reduced system maintenance overhead
  • An easy learning curve of Azure services for your IT team

MS Azure Managed Services: Technical benefits

  • Rapid design of the needed Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Using only the required Azure services and products for your project
  • Ensuring optimal resource allocation and service continuity
  • Optimal system performance and fault-tolerance


  • Azure cloud architecture design — Experienced cloud architects from IT Svit will design and implement the best Azure cloud environment for your project.
  • Azure cloud automation implementation — Automation of various cloud management operations using Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins and other tools.
  • Infrastructure as Code — Building the immutable infrastructure as code, using Azure top-notch features or custom-built cloud solutions.
  • CI/CD pipelines — Ensuring your product development, updates and maintenance are as efficient as possible through the introduction of Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery pipelines.
  • Scalability —Using Azure Autoscale feature auto-scaling with Kubernetes nodes ensures scaling up and down with ease as the need arises.
  • Real-time alerting — Smart alerts from Azure Alerts to Slack, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. to keep your hand on the pulse of infrastructure performance.
  • Proactive monitoring —In-depth configuration of Azure Monitor, Zabbix+Prometheus+Grafana or other solutions for detailed insights on the infrastructure performance.
  • In-depth logging — Deploying ELK stack, FluentD, Sumologic, Splunk or other cloud computing logging tools to provide detailed reports and log analysis.
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