Project description

SymplyFi is a telecom product of an IT Svit customer, The Network Cloud Company. They needed to upgrade their cloud infrastructure and automate the product provisioning and deployment. They wanted to redesign the existing system in order to improve the product stability and performance.

Project requirements

IT Svit had to handle the following tasks:
  • Assist to design & implement the cost-effective, performant and secure infrastructure for VoIP communication
  • Automate the provisioning of the backend infrastructure services
  • Design an architecture for a CRM to automate the customer provisioning
  • Design & implement the internal system for managing multiple third-party modules

Project results

Outsourcing this project to IT Svit helped The Network Cloud Company achieve the following results:
  • Product provisioning time shortened from 1,5 weeks to 1 hour, with the infrastructure automation IT Svit has done
  • SymplyFi can drive much more value to their customers now, due to being able to provision the product 200-300 times a month, instead of 5-6 monthly deployments
  • Outsourcing the system architecture design allowed SymplyFI to save 30-35% of the budget and free the internal resources for more important tasks.


Richard Campbell

CEO @ SymplyFi - A Network Cloud Company

“The cost per hour is the metric that we all use. I’ve learned from this experience with IT Svit that this is a bad idea — because they work fewer hours than other vendors on similar engagements but get twice as much done, if not more. They might be more expensive, but it’s worth it.”

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Product Overview

Client goals

As the customer received the next round of funding, he wanted to update the existing IT infrastructure in order to speed up and automate the product provisioning and configuration. IT Svit team had to provide the following services:

  • Design and develop an automation tool to streamline the provisioning backend infrastructure deployment
  • Integrate that tool with an new CRM platform to automate the customer provisioning
  • Provide the design and architecture for the CRM development
  • Design and provide an internal messaging platform to enable the interaction between multiple third-party modules
  • Develop the backend functionality to automatically integrate new code from other developers and update the CRM platform. This is the core functionality, which is currently in beta.

Project implementation

IT Svit team started working on the project as one of outsourcing contractors, but soon assumed the role of the technical lead and coordinator of the whole project. We provided the following services:

  • Audit and analysis of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Cloud infrastructure automation
  • CRM platform engineering
  • Design and implementation of the backend infrastructure services
  • Design and development of a messaging platform to automate the product updates
  • Integrating the updates from the third-party modules using said platform
  • Provide the ongoing cloud infrastructure management and monitoring

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