27 July 2018 - Blockchain

Blockchain-based customer loyalty system for Shopify eCommerce shops

One of our UK customers suggested IT Svit to build a customer loyalty program based on the blockchain technology. Using blockchain to issue discount coupons would allow to create a mutually beneficial partnership for both eCommerce shop owners and their customers. In addition to the above, such a platform could not be hacked. The data could not be lost or altered and the origin of each discount coupon could be easily tracked, thus providing valuable analytics of the customer behavior for the online retailers. As IT Svit is and experienced software developer with ample blockchain development expertise, we stood up to the challenge.

Project requirements

IT Svit had to find the solutions for the following challenges:

  • Designing and developing an integral platform able to interact with Shopify and Ethereum APIs
  • Creating a web portal for the retailers with a simple and useful functionality for issuing the coupons
  • Developing a mechanism of simple gaining, transferring and spending discount coupons throughout the network for the customers

Project results

IT Svit has developed a simple to use and efficient platform for issuing, transferring and applying discount coupons through a network of Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento eCommerce shops, using Ethereum APIs and respective eCommerce APIs.


Location: UK

Partnership period: September-October 2017

Team size: 2 – 4 people

Team location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Services: Blockchain development, cloud architecture, web development

Expertise delivered: AWS cloud administration, DevOps services, blockchain development, cloud infrastructure management

Technologies: Ethereum API, Laravel, Node.js


Product Overview

Client’s goals

The main goal of the project was to enable the eCommerce shoppers to gain and spend the discount coupons anywhere inside a network of online retail shops. The main benefit for the retailers was the ability to specify the rules of discount coupon issuing and track where the coupons are applied.

The main benefits of the system are as follows:

  • Integrity — our platform supports online shops on Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento
  • Simplicity — the shop owners can issue any amount of discounts and specify the rules of applying them
  • Utility — the customers can use the coupons themselves anywhere across the network or give them as a gift to any other user
  • Analytics — the platform allows tracking each coupon, thus providing the useful analytics on where and how they are applied. This allows the shop owners to adjust their offers and increase the profits.

Implementation and challenges resolved

While implementing this project, IT Svit has resolved the following challenges:

  • We created an intuitive and useful web portal for online retail owners and shoppers
  • We developed an integral platform working with Ethereum, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce APIs
  • We enabled the customers to save money and get the discount coupons in ANY shop, and apply these coupons in ANY shop of the network
  • Using the blockchain technology ensures the safety and anonymity of user’s personal data
  • The shop owners gain a powerful analytics tool, enabling them to track the usage of their coupons across the network. This allows to adjust their offers to maximize the user experience

The number of cross-sales and up-sales grew by 75%, as the customers are incentivized to save money while making useful purchases

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