DevOps is a practice that combines different processes and methods aimed at improving IT services agility to help organizations deliver software solutions more quickly, with frequent iterations.

DevOps Technical Benefits:

  • Improved deployment processes
  • Seamless software delivery
  • Improved reliability of the IT infrastructure
  • Lower number of problems
  • Faster reaction time/resolution of problems

DevOps Business Benefits:

  • Faster implementation of desired features
  • Improved reliability of the IT infrastructure
  • Reduced costs spent on maintaining IT infrastructure
  • Faster time to market


  • IT solutions providers who want to improve their deployment and delivery process but have limited resource capabilities
  • Companies that need to improve collaboration between their internal teams and groups in order to enhance information processes.
  • Companies who have implemented Agile software development workflow and want to maximize efficiency of this approach
  • Companies providing vital IT services, such as E-Commerce, Big Data & Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

IT Svit powers your business with best-of-breed virtualization technologies to make your infrastructure independent of the physical hardware and as the result improve efficienc


Deploy faster, frequently, safely with smaller steps. Get rid of those buggy and unreliable large releases to speed up deployment process and minimize the number of rollbacks.


Benefit from IT Svit’s best practices to create a large-scale distributed, transactional IT infrastructure on top of Amazon services.

Big Data, Distributed Storage/Computing

IT Svit has a wealth of experience in helping businesses increase their productivity and reliability by creating a distributed infrastructure based on multiple nodes to process and store hundreds of Gigabytes of data.

Hosting Providers

If your servers are located somewhere in clouds, we will proudly provide you with qualitative support by giving you the reliability, redundancy, and security.


IT Svit brings almost 10 years of experience in providing high quality Linux/Unix systems administration.

Git-based VCS Integration

Improve your business by switching to a version-controlled workflow thus making your deployments safe and predictable.


Migration is an important task that requires lots of attention to details and accurate preparation. There is no room for errors and IT Svit gives you complete confidence to flawlessly succeed.

Tech Support

Providing qualified support for hundreds of companies since 2005 with a SLA-specified response times and scopes of maintenance. Your business is our responsibility.