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Who We Are

IT Svit Company is a leading provider of IT solutions and services for business. Our customers rely on us to continually innovate, so we are proud of providing them with excellent products and highly qualified support. Our mission is pretty simple: ensure that your IT infrastructure is both absolutely efficient and reliable, making you feel totally confident.


Our Strengths

System Administration

Be absolutely sure that your servers will transform into unassailable fortresses, because our troop of system administrators are always defend them like brave archers. Additionally, we can provide you with almost infinite list of services: 24/7 server support, database administration, upgrading your existing data center environments to the new technological levels, cloud-based systems development, systems backup, etc.

Android Apps Development

Mobile applications for everyone! Do you have an idea for a new application, but no one can create it? That's what we are working for. All you need is to share your thoughts or creative brainstorms and we will do our best in order to carry out your dream.

IT Solutions For Business

Want to track and manage working time of your employees? Use our Uptime System. Want to monitor attendance of your gym? No problem! Check our Fitnesstime. Want something else? Contact us immediately and we will create this for you. Make your business even more profitable with IT Svit.

Startup consulting and project management

Make your startup business ideas even more competitive with our top-notch services:

  • expert analysis and assessment of competitiveness of a particular idea
  • qualitative estimation of deadlines and necessary resources
  • formation of development teams
  • project management from the very beginning till the finalization
  • startup support and constant improvement

This will push your company to new opportunities and horizons and easily distinguish you among the competitors.

IT Cloud Staffing

Need a full-time developer or a team of developers to be totally at your disposal? Order cloud staff and make your business prosperous!


Intrigued? Then contact us!

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IT Svit news

Work time control system

System of work time control and management is a new development of the IT Svit company, that holds all the aces in terms of control over company's employees.

14 March 2014


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