Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration or CI is the software delivery practice involving regular (daily, per se) commits, automated integration testing, unit testing, and software build deployment to production. This approach ensures that at any given moment of time every of our customers has a working product or service, which is constantly updated and the changes can be easily reverted should the need arise, without any significant impact on user’s experience.

Due to daily commits our DevOps engineers backtrack and fix any bugs and errors quickly, while automation of software delivery pipeline leaves enough time to write the detailed documentation. This ensures the ease of compliance audit, tight feedback loops and short time to market for your product’s new features.

Benefits of Continuous Integration
  • Clean, reliable and robust code
  • Iterative approach to development process
  • Reduced number of code errors
  • Increased speed of deployment
  • Tight feedback loops between developers and customers

IT Svit team utilizes a time-proven model of Continuous Integration, which brings fruitful results and is highly valued by our customers. To deliver it, we currently use such tools and services:

  • OpenStack
  • ProxMox
  • AWS
  • Cloud platforms
  • Docker (incl. Docker Swarm)
  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins
  • JMeter

More to say, we are proud to be offering our own CI/CD solution (the Provisioning system), helping launch fully-featured development instances in merely several clicks, thus presenting a rapid and error-proof deployment process. This tool can work as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other tools and services from the list, forming a reliable and cost-efficient software development ecosystem.

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