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DevOps Skills Gap in 2021

Сlosing the DevOps skills gap can cause leaders much stress and anxiety. With that in mind, we decided to talk about in-demand DevOps skills in 2021, the existing DevOps skills gap, and how this skills gap can be bridged in the nearest future.

9 min - Articles

Tough DevOps Tools. How to Choose and Optimize DevOps Tools

DevOps methodology implementing demands an expansive DevOps toolkit. Here we will discuss the main DevOps tools for each phase of SDLC, how to choose DevOps tools considering your organization’s specification and how to optimize them.

12 min - Articles

Dino Game and More 2021 Online Games To Survive Pandemic and Become More Productive

We will highlight the positive effects of playing video games. Moreover, we will discuss how playing video games improve team productivity and what top online video games people cannot resist playing and waiting for release.

6 min - Articles

DevOps Conferences Worth Attending in 2021

It is very important to revive your expertise, network with other experts, share ideas, ask questions and get answers from peers and consequently upgrade your profiles – especially as DevOps engineers. And conferences are a great way to progress extremely.

13 min - Articles

How to Recruit a Startup World-Class Elite Team

Business owners want their startups to grow as quickly as possible. And they think teams’ expansion is the way how their business develops fast. However, moving too fast might crash their business. How can they avoid hiring mistakes and recruit a world-class team?

8 min - Articles

How DevOps culture improves team performance

Breaking the wall between Dev and Ops departments is crucial for IT organizations. That is why DevOps – a set of practices that unites software teams, is very beneficial. Just bear in mind, the DevOps model cannot be applied successfully without high-performing DevOps culture development.

3 min - News

IT Svit Tops the List on 2020 Clutch 1000!

IT Svit professionals have always done everything possible to make sure our clients had access to the cutting-edge technology they needed for their business to thrive and 2020 was no different.

8 min - Articles

What is SRE and why should you love it?

13 min - Articles

What is Google Cloud best used for? GCP machine types and services

8 min - Articles

Why every business must analyze log data

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