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There are three major cloud computing services providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. While AWS is the undisputed leader in the cloud computing field, one product cannot fit all sizes, unfortunately. Azure is still better for any company that utilizes Microsoft corporate products like Office 365, Skype for business, Microsoft Exchange, etc., as this type of services is compatible with Azure by default. Google Cloud advantages include native Kubernetes support with GKE, per-second billing for all services and flexible long-term discounts. This makes GCP a great choice for startups who need to scale flexibly as they grow.

Cloud Computing: Business benefits

  • No upfront CAPEX on purchasing the servers
  • Pay-as-you-go OPEX model of resource consumption
  • Cloud infrastructure maintenance done by service providers
  • Rich functionality and features for any business goals

Cloud Computing: Technical benefits

  • Infrastructure resilience and high-availability
  • Scalability by design to meet your product needs
  • Seamless integration with AI & ML and Big Data visualization
  • Integration with multiple software and SDK’s via APIs


  • Cloud consulting — IT Svit offers free consultations on the required cloud features for achieving your company goals
  • Transition to the cloud — transition to public or on-prem cloud solutions, either by lift-and-shift or building the cloud-native apps
  • Cloud infrastructure design and implementation — quick and detailed design of custom cloud infrastructures, ensuring stable uptime and performance
  • Multi-cloud deployment — ability to span your systems across multiple cloud providers using Kubernetes as an intermediate layer
  • On-prem cloud systems — if a bespoke on-prem cloud solution would be a better choice, we can build it for you
  • Cloud monitoring solutions — wide variety of cloud monitoring tools for any need and requirement
  • Logging, alerting and data processing — configuration of smart logging systems with preconfigured alerts and automated responses for standard issues
  • Data visualization and analysis — flexible dashboards for turning your machine-generated operational data into goldmine of business insights
Cloud transition consulting & completion

IT svit team uses the ample experience with building cloud infrastructures to design the solution that will fit your business needs optimally and deploy it to AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean or any other cloud platform. We include only the essentials and replace proprietary services with open-source analogs where possible to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Multi-cloud deployment

There are multiple cases when combining the products and services from multiple cloud computing providers can be beneficial. For example, the files can be stored in AWS S3 buckets, GCP storage or Azure Blobs — and these can be swapped with relative ease. Building such modular and interchangeable infrastructure ensures business flexibility and enables you to benefit from limited-time discounts or other sale offers to save money.

Cloud monitoring and data analytics

We help register for an ICO, create a whitepaper describing your project idea and issue tokens to secure the investment.

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