9 December 2020 - Streaming Movies Industry

IT Svit Helps Use Cloud Services For Movies Streaming

If you are already using cloud services for live TV streaming, you know it is important to procure reliable US-based cloud storage for streaming movies. IT Svit can help use the cloud for movie streaming and our dedicated teams of DevOps engineers can handle all the tasks related to using movie streaming cloud services.

More people than ever prefer watching their movies online, instead of going to the cinemas. This provides a wide window of opportunity for live TV and movie streaming businesses. If you run such business or want to start one — IT Svit can help to build and configure cloud services for movie streaming, so you can grow your audience and profit!

Implementing cloud backup for movie streaming

Uninterrupted video accessibility is an essential part of providing positive user experience. This can be ensured by the high-availability and scalability features cloud platforms provide, as well as a cloud backup for movies streaming apps and databases. IT Svit can help configure automated backups for your databases and replication for your cloud storage, so your platform is always up and running, even if some region is temporarily inaccessible.

Optimizing cloud for movies streaming

Many movie streaming businesses run their services in the cloud using a set of web services provided by their respective vendors. While this might seem a sound business strategy, the total cost of ownership for such systems can be quite high, as all cloud services are paid for. Thus said, it is best to combine vendor-specific and open-source cloud tools to ensure optimal cost-efficiency of your cloud storage for movies streaming. IT Svit provides such optimization, helping businesses get the most out of their cloud investments.

Fully-managed cloud storage for streaming movies

There are huge potential profits in the movie streaming business, as the spread of 3G/4G/5G Internet allows millions of people to get access to the vast storage of movies and watch them online. This, in turn, means immense profits from ads and paid subscriptions — and requires lots of effort to ensure your live TV and movie streaming platform runs well. Using cloud computing is very beneficial in this regard, as it helps solve all the challenges of running a movie streaming business.

These challenges include the need to store huge volumes of data and stream it seamlessly, maintain an index of all the movies and live TV records at your disposal and provide quick search across this index, support comments and chats functionality, etc. However, while these tasks can be solved once and for all, there are challenges like live replication of your databases and data sets, or in-depth real-time monitoring and alerting to ensure continuity of operations, which requires a continuous effort.

Using cloud computing for hosting your live TV and movie streaming platform helps solve all these challenges, both the initial and the continuous ones. Leveraging the benefits of cloud computing for movie streaming means making use of scalability, robust features, high-availability and resilience the cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure provide.

These benefits are based on several major principles:

  • Virtualization. Cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, MS Azure, IBM, Digital Ocean, etc. run multiple data centers, where all the hardware resources are united in a single pool through virtualization. Every customer rents some amount of resources and uses them within his account. Cloud customers don’t buy servers or other equipment, which effectively reduces their CAPEX to zero.
  • Scalability. You can scale your operations up and down based on demand, and virtualization makes it a quick and simple process. You can either rent more pre-configured instances (horizontal scaling) or increase the resource quotas for your existing account (vertical scaling). Both methods are quick to apply and ensure you get the required resources quickly and can shut them down once you no longer need them.
  • High-availability.Scalability leads to the fact that your systems can handle any workload and be available to any number of end-users, be it 1,000 or 100,000 a second. Due to virtualization and replication, multiple cloud regions can serve your customers, instead of limiting them to the throughput capacity of a single bare-metal server cluster. For example, front-end parts of your platform can be running on a CDN – Content Delivery Network, like Cloudflare or Amazon CloudFront or Google Cloud CDN. This helps provide reliable access for your customers due to using cloud computing services for movie streaming.
  • Cost-efficiency. The cloud operates under the Pay-As-You-Go principle, meaning the customers pay per second for the resources consumed (or for a millisecond for some services like AWS Lambda or Google Functions). Thus said, it is much more cost-efficient as compared to renting dedicated servers in remote data centers (or buying these servers in-house) that run 24/7 even when your team does not need them.
  • Security. There is some aversion to storing your mission-critical systems and sensitive data in the cloud, due to regular reports of new celebrity photo leakages. However, the US DoD stores their data with AWS, as well as CIA, and MS Azure hosts 80% of Fortune 500 companies — and these industry-leading enterprises and government institutions take their security with utmost seriousness. Due to multiple structural and procedural security features and layers, cloud hosting is actually very secure. It can even withstand a DDoS attack due to the ability to work with CDNs, which distribute the load and help speed-up the content delivery.

There are cloud-based web services like Amazon S3 or Google Storage for storing the movie archive, Big Data and query tools like Google Big Query for performing the data mining, indexing and processing for you, as well as Amazon web services like Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon CloudWatch Logs to enable in-depth monitoring of your cloud infrastructure.

The only downside to working with these tools is that they are vendor-specific and cost money to use. Thus said, while you can cover all your business requirements using tools and services from the cloud vendor of your choice, you will end up with vendor lock-in and the total cost of ownership for such a system can be quite high.

How to avoid it? The main approach many businesses follow is to hire external expertise to handle their cloud operations without interacting with the support engineers from their cloud platform. While recruiting such talents in-house can be a long and risky process, many companies prefer to outsource cloud computing management for streaming movies to a trustworthy Managed Services Provider like IT Svit.

Over 5 years of expertise in managing the cloud for movie streaming services help IT Svit design and implement the environments and workflows required to develop a movie streaming platform and run it. We ensure your application uses all the benefits of cloud computing and provides all the features your end-users would expect, so they receive positive user experience and promote your brand. If this sounds like something you are looking for — let us know and IT Svit would be glad to deliver cloud services for movies streaming!

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