12 October 2020 - Small Business

Cloud services for small businesses from IT Svit

Small businesses in the US and worldwide must be lean and frugal to increase their chances of survival. This means their IT operations must be as cost-efficient as possible. IT Svit helps achieve this by providing expert managed cloud services for small businesses.

Every small business is either providing their products and services in the cloud or use it to develop their applications, as it is much more cost-efficient than renting dedicated servers and paying for them 24/7 while using them for 8-10 hours a day at max. IT Svit helps configure cloud computing services for small businesses to ensure you’ve got all your needs covered while spending as little as possible.

Enabling Google cloud services for small business

Google App Engine helps startups develop their products quickly and cost-efficiently, as it provides ready infrastructure for development, build and testing environments out of the box, as well as CI/CD pipelines to automate the code delivery process. However, this convenient sandbox has to be modified quite intensely before it can become a production environment. IT Svit helps configure Google Cloud services to meet the needs of a small business.

IT Svit delivers cloud IT services for small business

Code development is important, but it is not the only part of IT operations. Once the code is written, it must be released without any system downtime. It must also be monitored in production to ensure the security of operations and updated without interruption of service availability, to ensure positive user experience. IT Svit helps make all of this a reality and provides a full range of IT services for small businesses to help your startup grow and succeed.

We configure cloud service for small business, so you can concentrate on growth

Any great idea deserves a chance to be implemented and make this world better. This is why multiple startups create various products and services that aim to make our life better. However, a small business has lots of daunting tasks and challenges ahead of it and dedicating too much time and effort to managing IT resources can be detrimental to your momentum. Your server infrastructure must work like a clock without too much attention and effort from your side — but this is not the case with in-house or dedicated bare-metal servers or virtual machines. They require putting a pretty substantial effort into configuration and ongoing management of your infrastructure.

Cloud computing opens new horizons for small businesses, as it provides the means to develop, release and run great products and services cost-efficiently. This is why many startups nowadays are cloud-based and begin their operation in the cloud from the very start — or move there as soon as they secure the initial investment. This allows you to leverage multiple important benefits like integrity, continuity, scalability, security, high-availability and cost-efficiency.

  • Integrity. When you operate a dedicated or in-house server or a cluster of bare-metal servers, each of them must be configured and updated separately and manually. This leads to the so-called configuration drift, where different machines have a different history of updates and differences in configuration parameters. This poses a potential security vulnerability and/or inconsistency in operations.
    Cloud computing provides virtualization of resources, where all the server resources are combined into a single pool and are configured uniformly across the instance you use. This prevents configuration drift and ensures the integrity of your infrastructure.
  • Continuity. One of the biggest problems of software development is that some critical bugs make it to production and cause post-release crashes because there was no possible way to detect them during testing and staging. This is the result of the production environment being slightly — or severely — different from the IDE, testing and canary environments. This severely impacts the reliability and predictability of software delivery and IT operations. 
    Quite the contrary, when all the environments involved in software delivery are configured using the same base Docker images, there is no chance of critical bug making it all the way to production undetected. All environments work the same and all the bugs are discovered before the release, ensuring the continuity of the software delivery and infrastructure operations.
  • Scalability. When you plan the future infrastructure size, you cannot plan for everything. However, bare-metal servers or virtual machines provide limited resources, so unless you want to risk facing service inoperability, you would have to have a backup server for every service you use running idle just in case. It is also good for backups and load balancing and replication — but it is quite costly. Besides, configuring a new server takes some time, from hours to days at an end.
    Cloud computing operates instances with some resource quotas you can utilize. If — and when — you lack resources, you can scale up horizontally or vertically, increasing either your resource quotas or the number of instances you run. Most importantly, these resources are made available to you immediately and are configured nearly instantly — and are shut down immediately when they are not needed.
  • Security. Configuration drift poses a significant security threat, as malevolent entities will try to use any discrepancy in your systems to gain unauthorized access to your sensitive data and customer details. Besides, there always is a risk of a DDoS attack from competitors, who might want to knock your company out of business.
    Cloud computing has multiple built-in security measures and features that can ensure the safety of your sensitive data. In addition, running the front-end part of your application on CDN means you are safely protected from any DDoS attacks.
  • High-availability. Only so much users can contact your server at a time, due to traffic limitations and throughput capacity caps of your server’s Ethernet chip. Serving more customers requires having more servers, which is not convenient for the reasons described above. Besides, there can be connectivity issues for some regions, which will hamper your application performance for some part of the audience.
    Using cloud computing services for small business ensures there are as many as needed copies of your application at any point of time, they run in different availability zones across the globe and are replicated with each other, thus ensuring high-availability of your products and services for the audience of any size.
  • Cost-efficiency. It is the most important parameter for any startup, as the resources must be spent only on the things you really need. However, while the servers used to run your products or services run 24/7, they are rarely working at full capacity. Moreover, the servers used to develop your product are idling at least 16 hours a day, and for 24 hours during weekends, holidays and vacations. This means you are overpaying for the resources you do not actually use.
    Using cloud services for small business means your systems always work at nearly top efficiency and you pay only for the resources actually consumed. This provides a huge boost in cost-efficiency, which ensures your business allocates the money correctly and spends only as much as needed on IT operations, without any compromise on product quality.

However, cloud computing is not a magic stick too and must be correctly configured in order to provide all the benefits listed above. The issue here is that startups rarely have access to the level of DevOps expertise required to configure cloud IT services correctly and reap all of the benefits listed above. This is why outsourcing this task to a Managed Services Provider like IT Svit is a win-win solution for both parties. 

We have in-depth expertise with cloud infrastructure design and implementation, as well as software development and delivery. We can help your company use cloud IT services for small business to the full extent, increase your impact and help you succeed! If this sounds like something you are interested in — contact IT Svit right away, we are glad to assist!

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