12 October 2020 - E-commerce Industry

Cloud computing for eCommerce businesses from IT Svit

There are many businesses in the US and the EU that are using cloud computing for eCommerce operations. IT Svit helps design and implement cloud infrastructure for eCommerce and we field experienced dedicated teams of software engineers to provide the full range of eCommerce cloud services.

eCommerce businesses have to run seamlessly and automatically around the clock. Thus said, cloud hosting is the optimal destination for such products, as it ensures your application is accessible around the clock from any location and can scale up and down to meet the customer demands easily. It can also store a history of purchases, interact with multiple third-party modules, use a powerful search engine and much more. IT Svit has huge expertise in developing, implementing and running end-to-end eCommerce cloud services and we can do the same for you!

Running a cloud infrastructure for eCommerce apps

Enabling periodic cloud backup for eCommerce platforms ensures your customer’s sensitive details are safe and sound in secure cloud storage. Many vendors provide this service, but to work 100% efficiently it must be configured correctly. IT Svit has ample hands-on experience with running cloud eCommerce services for customers around the globe, ensuring cost-efficiency and security of their operations.

Building a private cloud for eCommerce

As data security is obviously one of the main concerns when running eCommerce platforms, many businesses opt for building a private cloud for eCommerce platforms. Bastion host, private subnets, granular access control, cluster security policies and other features must be enabled and configured to ensure the safety7 of private cloud services for eCommerce products. IT Svit can make this a reality and deliver top-notch cloud eCommerce services!

We build and manage cloud infrastructure for eCommerce platforms

When you run an eCommerce business, you quickly understand the importance of reliable infrastructure to support it. While most of the eCommerce stores start low and rarely grow enough to leave the initial hosting platform, some do grow into a huge success and have to increase their infrastructure investments to support the continued growth. If this is the situation you find yourself in, using cloud customer architecture for eCommerce solutions ensures cost-efficiency, security and transparency of running your dream online store.

A good CMS that fits your business model can cover almost all your customer-facing business needs for quite a long time. However, once your business reach starts to span across several time zones, countries or even continents, the questions of ensuring availability and scalability begin to prevail. Your eCommerce website should be able to handle hundreds or even thousands of visitors at any given moment (and be able to scale instantly up and down from hundreds to thousands).

It must do this for any geographical region while ensuring the security of end-user personal details and other sensitive data, smooth integration with various third-party modules and cloud service features you did not need previously — like Big Data analytics to personalize your product targeting, or predictive analytics to remove the possibility of downtime and enable self-healing infrastructure. The reasons listed above clearly indicate that going for cloud computing for eCommerce can be the best decision. This is why IT Svit receives a lot of requests for providing various cloud computing services for eCommerce businesses.

Benefits of cloud services for eCommerce apps

Let’s take a closer look at the list of advantages provided by the cloud for eCommerce applications:

  • Scalability. Cloud computing resources are virtualized and combined into a general pool spanning the whole data center or an entire region with several data centers. You rent some resources from it when you pay for your cloud computing instance – just like you would rent a dedicated or virtual server.
    However, if your needs exceed the quotas of your instance — you can scale up horizontally, by adding more of the specific resources – CPU, RAM, disk space, etc. to your instance — or vertically, by launching more instances with predefined quotas of resources. The point is, you can spin up new instances very quickly in the cloud, literally in seconds, instead of hours or days delivery and configuration of a dedicated bare-metal server takes.
  • High availability. When your eCommerce website runs on some dedicated hosting, your traffic and throughput capacity are limited by your package quotas and hardware characteristics. In addition, your server is physically located in some geographical location, and the rest of the globe should connect to it over multiple hops. When you utilize cloud services for eCommerce infrastructure support, you can run multiple instances of your application across the globe, so the workload is evenly spread between them, and their databases are constantly synced to keep the data relevant.
    In addition, the front-end part of your eCommerce application can be launched via a CDN or Content Delivery Network like AWS CloudFront, Google CDN or Cloudflare to ensure maximum performance and high availability of your services regardless of the numbers of visitors.
  • Security. Cloud vendors take cybersecurity with the utmost seriousness. They provide various web services and features like AWS CloudTrail and Google Cloud Security, in addition to Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform security mechanisms. Cloud monitoring solutions, from AWS Cloudwatch to products like Prometheus, Grafana, ELK stack and Splunk, that help monitor, log, analyze and safeguard cloud services for eCommerce platforms.
  • Cost-efficiency. The combination of all the factors above ultimately leads to the cost-efficiency of using cloud computing for eCommerce projects. You can ensure your application has all the required resources, can scale up-and-down depending on the current workloads, benefits from secure cloud storage for eCommerce and can be easily accessed by people around the globe. Most importantly, the system works only when you need it to work, so you don’t pay for idle servers running as backup 24/7. You Pay-As-Yo-Go (PAYG) and you pay only for the resources consumed.
    The same results can be achieved using bare metal servers too, but it would require allocating much more resources and the system will be much more prone to fail, as it would include a huge number of modules and processes. On the contrary, when these processes are enabled by cloud infrastructure for eCommerce solutions, your expenses are much lower, as these cloud services are used by lots of customers, so the cost of operations is greatly reduced.

To sum it up, running cloud eCommerce services helps your business reach new levels of operational stability, performance and efficiency.

Delivering end-to-end cloud eCommerce solutions

The main problem with growing your eCommerce platform is that you might outgrow the basic capabilities of your CMS quite soon, and even using multiple plug-ins and add-ons can be insufficient for various business cases. The standard way of solving this issue is by augmenting your eCommerce platform with bespoke modules, custom-tailored to solve your unique challenges.

The standard issue with these custom modules is that they are not compatible with most of the cloud services for eCommerce products and must be rebuilt once you move to the cloud. IT Svit has rich experience in providing end-to-end eCommerce solutions for our customers. From developing custom modules for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce to building a blockchain-based customer loyalty platform for a network of eCommerce sites. We can build a CI/CD pipeline to minimize time-to-market for your eCommerce app development, ensure its seamless integration with a multitude of other tools, and update your custom system modules to enable them to use the cloud infrastructure for eCommerce to the max.

If you want to get end-to-end cloud service solutions that will help your eCommerce product grow and succeed — contact IT Svit, we are always ready to help!

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