1 August 2018 - Web Development

IT infrastructure design and development

Preterion, an end-to-end IT service management provider from Sydney, Australia, wanted us to assist with a wide range of tasks and augment their internal team with our skillset.

Project requirements

The scope of IT Svit team involvement was the following:

  • Design and implementation of various cloud infrastructures
  • Bug fixes and deployment automation for multiple apps
  • CRM development and deployment
  • Multiple IT infrastructure management and optimization tasks (implementing xWiki backups, Your Backup tool, implementing Baruwa Spam Protection solution, etc.)

Project results

IT Svit has handled all the tasks successfully and currently provides ongoing support for various Preterion projects through a ticketing system. This customer is fully satisfied with our services and is able to engage with multiple projects like:

  • cloud architecture delivery and management
  • web development and QA
  • various software maintenance and updates.

This allowed Preterion to engage with the projects that would otherwise be outside the scope of their abilities, as well as decrease the ticket processing time by 50% and average operating expenses by 25-30%.


Location: Kellyville Ridge, NSW, Australia
Partnership period: January 2017 – ongoing
Team size: 2 – 8 people
Team location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Services: Cloud infrastructure design and development, DevOps-as-a-Service, Web Development, QA and testing, product and infrastructure monitoring
Expertise delivered: AWS cloud administration, DevOps services, microservices and containerization, Perl development, PHP development, DevOps support team, cloud monitoring solutions, Big Data solutions
Technologies: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Linux


Product Overview

Client’s goals

The customer is a cloud migration service provider, but has to deal with various tasks to enable the transition to the cloud for their clients. Preterion needed to augment their team with various skills to enable such services:

  • Linux-based DevOps software development
  • PHP-based CRM development
  • web-based app in Perl
  • Various fixes and improvements of existing cloud monitoring solutions
  • Ongoing cloud monitoring and support
  • Enabling CI/CD pipelines
  • IT Infrastructure management automation

Project implementation

IT Svit handled all the tasks internally. Cristian simply described the task goals, and IT Svit has provided the team with the needed skills for the job. We delivered such results:

  • Timely and precise execution of all tasks
  • In-depth analysis of IT infrastructures at hand to identify possible bottlenecks
  • Proactive consulting on possible system improvements
  • Implementation of said improvements
  • Automation of infrastructure deployment & management through scripts
  • Providing the detailed developer documentation for each module built
  • Training the customer’s team to leverage the system best
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