• Ukraine, Kharkov

Required Skills and Experience

  • - 2+ years experience in DevOps and Linux system administration;

  • - Understanding of Infrastructure as Code, RBAC, IAM concept;

  • - Software Networking skills such as building custom Linux-based routers, firewalls, NAT Gateways;

  • - Bash and Python scripting skills;

  • - Experience configuring and provisioning dedicated hosts and VMs using configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Terraform;

  • - Experience dockerizing PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc. applications;

  • - Experience building local development environments using - docker compose;

  • - Experience designing and deploying production environment using Kubernetes;

  • - Experience managing Kubernetes applications with Helm;

  • - Experience with AWS, GCP, DO and other public cloud providers;

  • - Experience integrating CI/CD solutions such as CircleCI, TravisCI, Jenkins, GitlabCI into development pipelines;

  • - Experience setting up monitoring and log collection tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Sumologic, DataDog, New Relic;

  • - Ability to tackle problems at a scale both small and large, with a constant focus on optimization, high availability, and security as it relates to the CI/CD process;

  • - A drive to continually learn new technologies, tools, and methodologies, including those out of your comfort zone;

  • - Strong attention to detail, excellent analytical capabilities and a passion for building robust platforms for accelerating delivery to production;

  • - Intermediate English or above (experience of written and verbal communication with English-speaking clients).


  • - Collaboration with developers for building reliable CI/CD components;

  • - Collaboration with Team Lead and Senior developers to build a cost-effective, highly-performant and reliable infrastructure, solution design and implementation;

  • - Infrastructure performance and security audit and recommendations;

  • - Automating the deployment of products and services and active monitoring to ensure uptime and effective performance of applications and platforms;

  • - Automation and orchestration solutions development;

  • - Act as an escalation point to address issues with outages and operations and actively forecast to proactively address issues and minimize environment downtime.

We offer

  • - Competitive compensation based on your skill level;

  • - Flexible 40-hour long working schedule;

  • - Horizontal management structure;

  • - Possibility to work from home;

  • - Paid vacation and sick leave;

  • - Free English classes in the office;

  • - Opportunities to attend industry conferences, training, and social events;

  • - Long-term projects with great customers;

  • - Days off during official Ukrainian holidays;

  • - Official employment;

  • - Corporate education;

  • - Mentoring and career support;

  • - IDP (Individual Development Plan) to grow your professional skills;

  • - Regular salary review;

  • - Regular corporate events and team buildings.

Join the team!

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