Quality Assurance & Automation


Quality Assurance, from the IT Svit perspective, is the process of full-scale checking the software for bugs and inconsistencies throughout the whole lifecycle – development, deployment, applying customer’s feedback and maintenance.

By delivering a level of quality according to a quality assurance policy, the business is able to strengthen its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider, whereas customers receive a classy product that meets and exceeds their expectations.


  • Individuals or companies who have stability and/or reliability troubles with their websites or applications
  • Individuals or companies who don’t have their own QA teams but want to release their products after going through the QA stage
Web Application Testing

Boost the performance of your web-based solution and benefits from increased sales and conversion rates. We guarantee perfect results regardless of how complex your solution is. To ensure quality, our QA team performs a series of tests, including

Desktop Application Testing

Desktop applications are comprehensive solutions that require specific testing procedures in order to ensure all the functionality is available in different platforms with different combinations of software and hardware.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application should work on any portable device, in any location, on any OS. That's why mobile testing can be a real challenge. IT Svit strives to provide testing services with your mobility goals in mind to leverage application experience.

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