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2017 was the year that showed the need for advanced cybersecurity features for businesses of all sizes. WannaCry, Petya and NotPetya ransomware attacks used the Windows security backdoors, Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities were due to the CPU architecture, while the US healthcare sector was still recovering from Equifax security breach that exposed the records of more than 140 million US citizens.

The subsequent introduction of GDPR policy for all businesses working with personal data of EU citizens means the need for decent cybersecurity is the all-time high, as the failure to comply with GDRP will result in fines totaling €20 million or 4% of annual turnover (whichever is greater).

However, maintaining the in-house dedicated cybersecurity team is an endeavor not possible for all businesses. To begin with, such a team requires specific skills:

  • Infrastructure and operations security audit
  • Possible breach identification
  • Deploying the countermeasures
  • Developing the guidelines for shortening the breach window, etc.

IT Svit has completed multiple Big Data projects for customers of varying sizes, and our team has ample experience with IT infrastructure audit, breach identification, countermeasure deployment, and system maintenance. We know how to ensure stable system performance, data sovereignty and the protection of personal details.

Benefits of Managed Security Services from IT Svit

Why would you trust your cybersecurity protection to IT Svit team? Here are some benefits:

  • Experienced team. Security vulnerability detection and countermeasure implementation is one of the areas of expertise of IT Svit dedicated team. We prefer to work with secure infrastructure for the same reasons as you do — fewer vulnerabilities means fewer issues and lower risk of breaches.
  • Polished workflows. We have multiple standard responses for any kind of potential security threat your business might face. You are able to choose the ones that fit your company processes best, so we can build a multi-layered cybersecurity protection for your data.
  • Top-notch technology. We use DevSecOps practices to weave security into the very fabric of our code. We leverage the latest features of Kubernetes and Terraform to build multiple layers of protection for your apps on all levels, from a container to a virtual machine, node, cluster and host. This helps decrease the host exposure surface and minimize the number of potential attack directions. We use industry-leading and bespoke tools to ensure all-around coverage of all security issues for your product.


  • Cybersecurity audit — we thoroughly check your IT infrastructure in place and locate all possible backdoors and loopholes
  • Security counermeasures design — we prepare a detailed plan for improving your cybersecurity measures
  • Integration — we seamlessly integrate new solutions with your existing systems
  • Logging — we utilize sophisticated smart logging tools, providing ample records for further in-depth analysis, which makes analytics of your security logs much easier.
  • Monitoring — we harness the power of various monitoring tools on staging and production environments to ensure seamless system operation and uninterrupted user experience.
  • Alerting — we offer smart alerting around the clock for any important triggers with detailed notifications via email, SMS or messengers like Slack or Telegram. Alerting the right people at once with sufficient details makes problem resolution much faster.
Security audit

We are often hired for defending from cybersecurity attacks. We have also good knowledge of recovering the customers from the consequences of earlier malicious actions. This expertise helps us perform a thorough and all-around assessment of the IT infrastructure in place to identify possible security breaches and help mitigate the risks.

Countermeasure design and implementation

Based on the outcomes of the infrastructure security audit, we suggest, design and implement the countermeasures. If there is a vulnerable single point of failure in the infrastructure or a bottleneck in workflows — we deliver scalable infrastructure, load balancing an/or workflow improvements to remove these threats.

Top notch security practices

Any cybersecurity solution deployed will be useless, if the operating team cannot use it to the full extent. We develop and implement all the measures and provide your IT dept with detailed FAQs, security drills, threat response guidelines, and step-by-step guides.

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