Kubernetes as a Service

What is Kubernetes-as-a-Service?

Businesses across the globe rely on Kubernetes to power up their digital transformation journey. Containerized apps can be deployed faster, require fewer resources and are easier to manage, which makes using Kubernetes for managing Docker containers hugely beneficial.

However, Kubernetes is quite a complex system and operating it effectively requires the right tools, processes, and expertise, which is hard to find. This is why AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean provide Kubernetes-as-a-Service, so their customers can leverage the benefits of the system without needing to look under the hood. Unfortunately, this feature is both costly and as one size cannot fit all, sometimes it cannot meet the project requirements in full.

As one of top-10 Managed Services Providers worldwide, IT Svit has ample experience with designing, building and managing complex cloud infrastructures for projects of any scale. Our DevOps team excels at providing Kubernetes-as-a-Service with the cloud service provider of your choice, using only the modules your project actually needs and providing in-depth monitoring, logging, alerting and more. This way you reap all the benefits of Kubernetes without turning it into one of your core business systems.

What do you get with managed Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is the leading platform for containerized app deployment and management at scale. IT Svit provides a vast variety of Kubernetes-related services:

  • Full range of infrastructure guidance. IT Svit DevOps team will install and configure all the modules required for your project, as well as providing the needed guidance for your IT department to use the advanced Kubernetes features like auto-scaling, self-healing, automatic container scheduling, etc.
  • Complete Kubernetes maintenance. Kubernetes itself is a complex infrastructure system that needs maintenance, security updates and configuration, etc. Leveraging the remote expertise to maintain Kubernetes and get the most out of it is a wise solution.
  • Usage flexibility. Kubernetes is cloud-agnostic, so it can be deployed in any availability zone or any geographical region to answer your demands of data security, end-user experience and data integrity.
  • Rapid cluster configuration. To perform at top efficiency, Kubernetes clusters require in-depth monitoring and logging systems, as well as detailed image registries and metrics. We will quickly get all this up and running for your convenience.
  • Budget savings. Kubernetes is open-source, so you avoid vendor lock-in and licensing expenses. Pay only for the things you need and get the most of every dollar spent.
  • Production-ready enterprise-grade security. We configure all the required security layers, from the in-container security policies to the cluster-wide security services that cover your product, Kubernetes cluster and all the auxiliary apps running on it.
Multi-cloud deployment

As all of the leading cloud service providers offer native Kubernetes support, a skilled team can easily build multi-cloud environments to allow utilizing all the features required for your project to the full extent. You will be able to develop and deploy your product much easier and move the workloads between the clouds when needed.

Faster cloud transition

Starting using Kubernetes is impossible without undergoing the full-scale cloud transition. This is a complex project with multiple underwater reefs, and it’s better to know about them beforehand than being smashed against the wall and facing the system outages, product crashes and project failures. Employing the DevOps service provider to outline and execute your transition to the cloud provides instant access to a pool of skilled software engineers, who can handle the task and ensure your project success.

Budget savings

Kubernetes expertise is an expensive one. Knowing all the system nooks and crannies by heart takes time and the risk of paying for unused modules that were the part of your “turnkey solution” offered by the cloud service provider. By knowing what is needed on every project stage, the team is able to save up to 50% on various services and features without compromising the project progress or quality.

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