ELK stack services

What is a managed ELK Stack?

ELK Stack is comprised of ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana (with FluentD a popular replacement for Logstash). This is an open-source Splunk analog, providing log collection, parsing, and storage, which is an end-to-end solution for Big Data Analytics.

However, while being a powerful tool, ELK stack needs an in-depth understanding of its working principles, as well as its ways of interaction with other components of your production environment. This is why most of the businesses prefer to outsource this task to a reliable Managed Services Provider like IT Svit to get actionable business insights at their fingertips while concentrating on core activities of their business.

Business Benefits of using a Managed ELK Stack from IT Svit

  1. Preconfigured solution that covers all your needs. IT Svit team will configure ELK Stack to fit your requirements, so you will use all its data analysis features to the fullest.
  2. Cost-effective cloud monitoring. While ELK Stack is open-source, it is not for free. IT Svit will save you valuable time and money on integrating ELK Stack with your system, so you will begin getting ROI from day 1.
  3. Cloud deployment for scalability. IT Svit will deploy your ELK Stack to the cloud platform of your choice, be it AWS, GCP, Azure, or DigitalOcean. The system will be always available and will scale up and down easily as needed.
  4. Strong data protection. The logs collected and processed by your managed ELK Stack will be stored at the location of your choice — in the cloud or on-prem to ensure maximum data protection.

IT Svit has ample experience providing ELK Stack as a service. Our team will install, setup and integrate this industry-leading open-source solution with your systems. You get 24/7 system monitoring, logging, and analysis that ensure maximum reliability and performance!

What do you get? ELK stack installation, configuration, and integration

  • ELK stack installation — we install ELK stack to your public or private cloud or to the on-prem platform of your choice
  • Configuration — we provide detailed configuration to enable maximum usability of your ELK stack.
  • Integration — we integrate the ELK stack into your software ecosystem and ensure seamless interoperability with other tools and modules
  • Logging — we utilize sophisticated smart logging tools, providing ample records for further in-depth analysis, which makes analytics of your machine-generated Big Data much easier.
  • Monitoring — we harness the power of various monitoring tools on staging and production environments to ensure seamless system operation and uninterrupted user experience.
  • Alerting — we offer smart alerting around the clock for any important triggers with detailed notifications via email, SMS or messengers like Slack or Telegram. Alerting the right people at once with sufficient details makes problem resolution much faster.
ELK stack integration

ELK stack can only be effective if properly integrated with your production environment. IT Svit fields a team of experienced data scientists, DevOps engineers, and cloud system architects who enable the combination of automated monitoring logging and processing the data to underpin the Big Data analytics tools and empower your business.

Big Data analytics implementation

Once we have integrated and configured your ELK stack, we can make the next step and implement the Big Data analytics for your business, so you get the most out of your machine-generated data. Find possible revenues and avoid potential pitfalls by uncovering the previously hidden patterns.

ELK stack optimization

ELK stack can be installed by following the official documentation, but it performs best when it is custom-tailored to meet the demands of a specific project. Thus said, optimization of the ELK stack in place is a common enough task for IT Svit. We can ensure top performance of the stack itself, as well as cost-efficiency and feasibility of the system as a whole.

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