24/7 server tech support from IT Svit

Server support is crucial for ensuring stable operations of your server infrastructure. IT Svit has 14+ years of experience with server support services, including Windows server management, *nix servers monitoring, etc. We know what needs to be done to help your business succeed and how to do it best! SLA, NDA and our vast hands-on expertise in technical support ensure your IT operations work reliably and cost-efficiently!

Remote network server administration

IT Svit fields a team of skilled server administrators who have ample firsthand experience with remote system administration, both managing on-prem and dedicated data center environments. Over 15+ years in business we have accumulated a huge base of macro commands and scripts that ensure quick and error-proof updates for any software ecosystems. Our rich understanding of the server monitoring best practices enables us to provide 24/7 server monitoring and logging to ensure reliable uptime of your systems.

Untangling your server technology

Your business builds the IT infrastructure you run based on the most relevant server technology at hand, as well as the expertise and budget available. With time, after numerous adjustments and updates, such server systems become a mess full of spooky dark places. IT Svit has the expertise and workflows needed to untangle such messes, redesign and optimize them to receive transparent and easy to manage IT infrastructure.

Ready to start?

Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO has once said: “servers are not your friends, you pat them and they bite you back”. Therefore, you should not expect your server system to be failproof and run without errors all the time. It is better to ensure business continuity by building contingency response scenarios and ensuring your servers can be brought back online after an inevitable failure with as little downtime as possible.

Thus said, the best approach to remote server support services is using the server operations best practices to ensure maximum system transparency, the best ways to perform server management and the best approaches to dealing with various issues once they arise. IT Svit provides 3 levels of remote server support with broad expertise covering various aspects of server administration and updates to ensure any issues are promptly resolved.

Proactive analysis of system drawbacks

It is one thing to solve the incidents as they come — and a totally another level to proactively search for the ways to improve the systems you run to remove the performance bottlenecks and possible security threats. IT Svit houses experienced professionals able to quickly assess the efficiency of the systems they run and highlight all potential flaws in them. Due to this, we can analyze what can be done better and offer solutions to these challenges. More to say, we have a wide assortment of ready solutions that have been tested in our previous successful projects and have proven their efficiency.

We can apply these solutions to instantly solve the most common challenges your server systems might be experiencing, so you will be able to notice a substantial increase in system productivity within a couple of days. Due to such an approach, our server administrators can prevent major issues from occurring and doing harm to your business, instead of simply dealing with their aftermaths. Thus said, we can help turn your legacy infrastructure into a streamlined, transparent and highly-productive system with reliable workflows and traceable operations.

Applying DevOps best practices to server monitoring

IT Svit has ample experience managing complex server infrastructures, enabling smart monitoring and providing Windows server or *nix server support. We can build cloud-native or on-prem monitoring solutions using ELK stack, Nagios, Zabbix. FluentD, DataDog, SumoLogic, Icinga, Splunk, Prometheus, Grafana and other open-source DevOps products to provide efficient server monitoring services. Working with these tools also allows us to configure bespoke monitoring dashboards uniquely fit to meet the needs of your project.

We can deploy smart monitoring, alerting and automated response systems built using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. These tools can analyze your historical data (server logs) to define normal operational patterns and apply their predictive analytics to enact some response scenarios if an alarm is triggered by breaking such a pattern. The system can then alert the person responsible for the operations by sending a message to a messenger of your choice, with a screenshot of the dashboard with the issue and some error codes.

This ensures our admins are alerted of various issues at once and can respond in minutes, not in hours, thus preventing major issues and saving your money.

If you are interested in 24/7 server support provided by trustworthy professionals — IT Svit is the place to go! Contact us and we will help make your IT operations more reliable!

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