IT Svit provides outsourced software development

UK businesses that outsource their software development can get multiple benefits, from cost reduction to instant access to high-level talents, polished workflows and ready solutions for typical challenges. The most important factor here is choosing a trustworthy IT outsourcing partner. IT Svit is a reputable Managed Services Provider that has 10+ years of expertise with software development outsourcing and we can help your company develop new products or features quickly, with high quality and under budget.

Software development outsourcing expertise for UK businesses

Throughout a decade of providing software development outsourcing services, IT Svit has obtained some significant expertise with full-stack development of various web apps and other software. Over 800 successfully delivered projects resulted in an in-depth understanding of the software delivery best practices, as well as a big codebase of ready solutions for typical challenges. All of this ensures that we can deliver the results according to schedule and under budget, helping your company achieve the business objectives for your projects.

From MVP development to ongoing feature updates

As IT Svit is a Managed Services Provider, we can provide more complex services once you need them.  We can start with a Proof of Concept or Minimal Viable Product development, then enable CI/CD pipelines for automated software development, building scalable cloud systems with in-depth smart monitoring and alerting, and Big Data analytics for building self-healing infrastructures in the cloud.

Ready to start?

IT Svit team is built around the idea that good software development and infrastructure management services must be available to any startup willing to create a great product and make the world a bit better. Thus said, outsourcing certain aspects of the software development life cycle is quite a popular way to handle the hardships of startup growth. However, the success of this endeavor largely depends on the availability of skilled software engineers, and such talents are not wandering around unemployed.

Naturally, every talent worth something is usually happily employed, and looking around for them for prolonged time can render your project useless and investments wasted. Moreover, delegating the fate of your project to a bunch of freelancers is not the best business practice. Therefore, your startup might seek to tap into a pool of skilled IT specialists outside of your city — in a local area, in one of IT outsourcing hubs in your country or in one of nearshoring or offshoring destinations nearby. In such a case, you will be able to gain instant access to teams of highly-skilled and motivated specialists. Why would it be so, you might ask?

There are several quite compelling reasons for aspiring software developers and DevOps engineers to work for Managed Services Providers like IT Svit. First of all, IT services providers like our team always work on several projects at once, so that a developer, Big Data analyst or DevOps engineer can find a project to their liking — with a fitting technology stack and scope of work.

Embarking on such projects helps the talents improve their skills and master new technologies much quicker, as compared to working on a single project for months or years on end. Thus said, they are motivated to do everything quickly and correctly and move to the next challenge, with an increased level of complexity.

This way they progress from Juniors to Seniors in a matter of 3-4 years and can get enough experience to pass the AWS, GCP or Azure certification and apply for highly paid jobs at these cloud platforms or at the companies developing popular DevOps tools like Terraform or Docker — so they can improve the tools they use. Thus said, working for an MSP like IT Svit is the shortest way for software engineers to obtain a well-paid job, grow as a professional and fulfill their self-improvement goals.

Expert software development services for UK businesses

On the other hand, startups can choose from a pool of IT specialists with a wide range of skills and work with cohesive teams instead of coordinating a bunch of freelancers. Thus said, UK businesses can build their products faster by using software development services from IT outsourcing providers like IT Svit. Moreover, as we provide the full cycle of services for startups, we can deliver both a product, CI/CD pipelines for ongoing feature updates, an in-depth cloud monitoring system and a comprehensive Big Data analytics solution, when your business needs it.

Why is IT Svit your best best for software development outsourcing though? Because we are rated as #1 Manages Services provider and as one of the top 3 leaders of IT outsourcing market in Ukraine by the international technology consultancy agency Clutch, from Washington, D.C. Our expertise and professionalism is proven by more than 30 positive IT Svit customer reviews and we can assure you — they are well-earned.

IT Svit technology stack

As a team with 10+ years of experience with software development and 5+ years of expertise in DevOps services and cloud infrastructure management, we use the following tools and platforms:

  • Cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, OpenShift, etc.
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Neo4j, MariaDB, AWS databases, Google databases, Apache databases
  • Operating Systems: Linux, CoreOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.
  • Front-end tools and frameworks: PHP/Laravel, JavaScript, Vue.js, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Python/Flask/Django, Nginx, etc.
  • Back-end tools and frameworks: PHP/Laravel, Python/Flask/Django, Apache Spark, Nginx, etc.
  • DevOps tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Travis CI, Gitlab CI, FluentD, Prometheus + Grafana, ELK Stack, SumoLogic, Vault, Consul, etc.
  • Big Data solutions: Python/Flask/Django, Apache stack, JuPyteR Notebook, TensorFlow, Keras, Scrapy, etc.

Should you want your next product or service delivered quickly and cost-efficiently — contact us without delay, IT Svit is happy to assist!

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