CRM Development Services for UK businesses

Many UK businesses find themselves in need of a custom CRM development, as the solutions present on the market are either too costly in terms of implementation and maintenance, or lack the functionality needed to solve the full cycle of business tasks. This is why bespoke CRM development and customization for your unique project needs can be the best option. IT Svit provides deep expertise in CRM development to help build and integrate CRM software with your business processes.

CRM software customization

IT Svit has wide experience with building and configuring various CRM modules. From UI customization and back-end functionality optimization to a full-scale CRM software development. Throughout 6+ years in software development, we gained experience that helped us build our own HRM/HRIS solution and several successful cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as a couple of dozens of custom CRM tools for companies of various sizes in different industries.

Managing key success factors — customer relations and HR

Lots of our customers contacted IT Svit seeking aid in solving various roadblocks with their internal software development. However, after assessing their infrastructure and workflows we understood that the issues originated there and could not be solved simply by employing external expertise. IT Svit has helped our customers both improve the software delivery pipelines and resolve structural or procedural problems that were hampering their growth, while also delivering better tools for customer interactions and internal team management.

Ready to start?

Every business needs to manage its interactions with customers, so CRM development and optimization form the most frequent concern of IT Svit customers. Obviously, as good customer relations result in closing more deals and improved brand advocacy, UK companies want to be able to track and manage all the stages of the sales funnel. IT Svit started providing software development services more than 10 years ago and over this time we had accomplished multiple customizations, module creation and full-stack CRM software development, as well as mobile and web CRM apps and much more.

On a few occasions, the customers contacted IT Svit team with a request to handle some hurdles they were experiencing in their efforts to develop a suitable CRM themselves. Sometimes, the challenges originated from the lack of necessary skills and we were able to address them quickly by simply deploying our top-notch talents to do the job. However, sometimes the assessment of the customer’s software delivery lifecycle revealed performance bottlenecks and infrastructure design flaws that were actually the reasons behind the issues the customers experienced.

As a Managed Services Provider with 15 years of expertise in infrastructure management, 10 years of software development expertise up our sleeves and 5+ years of providing DevOps services for cloud infrastructure management, we can assist with any aspect of software delivery.

Thus said, we were once tasked with configuring some minor workflow related to backend operations of a cryptocurrency platform — and were able to reconfigure and optimize the whole software development process, which resulted in a significant increase of the speed and cost-efficiency of customer’s product development. Now, IT Svit is the primary technology partner of this company, one of the leading financial institutions in the Gulf.

IT Svit has built a successful HUman Resource MAnagement system

When our team grew to 50+ specialists, we started looking for a convenient tool for HR management. However, enterprise-level platforms proved to be too costly and unwieldy for our team and were not easily customizable, nor did they reflect our internal processes well enough. Quite the contrary, low price-range alternatives did not provide the functionality we expected, were hard to customize or integrate with other tools or left a lot to be desired in terms of UI/UX. These discouraging findings lead to a decision to build a HUman Resource MAnagement (HURMA) system ourselves.

IT Svit team applied our reach experience gained during several CRM development projects to come up with user-friendly app design and simplistic user experience enabling HR managers and recruiters to perform all the needed operations, as well as providing a convenient tool for interactions between a company and employee. The system was released in September 2018, was warmly accepted on the local market and was serving nearly 400 customers by the start of 2020.

CRM development stack from IT Svit

IT Svit team has accrued a significant knowledge of CRM development best practices, as well as a technology stack and infrastructure management workflows required to make a solution that performs well for your company. Our technology stack involves 50+ languages, tools and frameworks, including the following:

  • Python/Django/Flask for back-end development
  • PHP/Laravel for full-stack development
  • Node.js/React.js/Vue.js. JS fro front-end development
  • AWS, Google Cloud Platform services for infrastructure management
  • Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker for app containerization
  • ELK stack, SumoLogic, Prometheus & Grafanf for monitoring and logging, etc.

We can provide the full cycle of services required for custom software development and infrastructure management. If you look for reliable CRM development services — we are glad to assist!

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