Product Development services for UK businesses

Google Market and App Store offer millions of applications that provide entertainment or useful services. The customers can select any app — and they select the one that caters to their needs best and updates fastest. This requires polished product development workflows, and IT Svit lends our ample expertise with Waterfall and Agile product development to ensure our customers deliver new product features regularly and cost-efficiently.

Product development strategy that helps your business succeed

When a business strives for a long-term success, a product development strategy must be designed and implemented. This ensures your product updates are delivered according to a predictable schedule, customer feedback is implemented quickly and your products or services stay relevant to customer expectations, keeping your business competitive.

Full cycle of product development from IT Svit

IT Svit is an experienced IT services provider, and our team can onboard on any software product development stage. We can design the mockups, provide the MVP development, enable the ongoing feature updates, implement the CI/CD automation and cloud monitoring solutions. Any UK business can benefit from a partnership with a company with 10 years of expertise in software product development and we would be glad to help you with this task!

Ready to start?

There are three main approaches to software product development: building an in-house team, working with freelancers or hiring a remote software development team to do the job. Working with an IT service provider like IT Svit is the best choice, for several reasons:


  • Building an in-house team is long and costly. Finding all the required talents locally can be quite challenging, unless you are located in a huge IT hub like London. In addition, even if you manage to recruit all the specialists you need in-house, you will have to invest more time and effort to make a good team out of them, because internal tensions can break the projects at full speed. To wrap it up, if an internal talent leaves, his or her aspect of your product development is halted until you find a replacement, or the whole project is at risk.


  • Hiring freelance talents is risky. Working with freelancers gives you access to a pool of skilled software engineers from across the globe, but managing their daily tasks can be very time-consuming. In addition, they are prone to overestimating their capabilities and it is hard to check if they indeed have the expertise they claim to have. To say more, they have a tendency to delegate some tasks to their less skilled colleagues, which results in poor quality of code and impairs overall project performance.
  • Engaging an MSP team for your product development. Managed Services Providers like IT Svit are IT outsourcing and nearshoring companies that house all the talents needed for software development and infrastructure management. We have the expertise you need at any stage of software delivery — from application design to MVP development, operations automation and continuous monitoring. Most importantly, we have 10+ years of expertise with successfully completing various software development projects.

7 components of IT Svit product development strategy

Below are 7 key commitments we follow to deliver a cost-efficient software product  development strategy:.

  1. Short sprints with results delivered at the end of each sprint.
  2. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines are planned and built in advance, so the new code can be tested and pushed to the staging servers automatically. The same logic works for various cloud infrastructure management operations.
  3. We produce small chunks of code and test them at once, so the chances of a major bug making it to production are pretty slim.
  4. Infrastructure as Code implemented through manifests ensures the code works the same all the way from IDE to production, getting rid of “works on my machine” issue.
  5. Replacing cloud vendor services with open-source tools like Docker, Terraform and Kubernetes ensures flexibility and cost-efficiency of operations.
  6. Building in-depth cloud monitoring solutions using ELK stack, Prometheus & Grafana, FluentD, Splunk, Sumologic and other tools to provide transparency of operations.
  7. Writing detailed developer documentation allows onboarding new specialists to your systems easily.

IT Svit has a proven reputation as a trustworthy provider of software development and a cloud infrastructure management solutions for businesses of any size. If you need a reliable product development expertise — let us know, we can assist with providing the needed help!

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