IT Svit provides reliable IT staffing services

Every UK business might face the need to delegate some aspects of the operation to a reliable partner in order to allocate resources cost-efficiently. IT Svit is a reputed Managed Services provider and our dedicated teams can cater to all your business needs. We provide IT cloud staffing services for 7+ years and we know how to help your business succeed.

Enterprise-grade cloud staffing services for startups

As an IT outsourcing and cloud staffing company, IT Svit has ample experience with delivering staffing services for all aspects of cloud IT operations. We have 65+ in-house software engineers and more than 1,000 pre-vetted candidates with wide expertise in various areas and with various technology stacks, so we are able to quickly form the teams for software development, DevOps cloud infrastructure management and Big Data analytics.

Work with us and stop combing through piles of Indeed emails!

IT Svit team has ample experience in delivering IT outsourcing and staffing services to startups, SMEs and global enterprises. We have polished workflows for every stage of the project lifecycle. You don’t need to conduct applicant reviews and interview candidates — we do all the initial checks, so you can simply approve the talents you like best and get on to working on your project!

Ready to start?

Every company in need of specific expertise knows the importance of timely talent acquisition. When the project timeframes are short, spending time searching for the right candidate can be a luxury you cannot afford. In addition, this means extra expenses on paying to a recruitment agency to do the preliminary interviewing for you or hiring HR and recruiter specialists in-house.

This might involve buying an expensive HR and recruitment solution, not to mention the costs of preparing an office space with all the appliances and software licensing required to deliver your project in-house. Add the time and money costs of forming a cohesive team out of a bunch of professionals — and IT outstaffing becomes a viable alternative to building an in-house team.

This is one of the approaches to obtaining access to highly-skilled professionals with the skills required to accomplish your project. The difference between IT outsourcing to a team like IT Svit and hiring a bunch of freelancers to do the job are as follows:

  • IT Svit offers cohesive teams with good communication and collaboration within the team and between the teams. We handle all the HR processes, so your outsourced team stays motivated and productive.
  • Throughout the 10+ years of delivering IT outsourcing services for software development and cloud infrastructure management, we have accumulated a large base of solutions for the challenges your business is most likely to face over the course of your project.
  • We have polished workflows and ready CI/CD pipelines to remove all the unnecessary waiting and ensure your project is a lean, mean, frugal machine able to deliver the expected results in time and under budget.

Our specialists will become the R&D department outside of your office. They will use your communication channels like Slack to report on their work and use a project management system of your choice, be it Jira, Redmine, Youtack, Trello, Asana or any other to enable task management and tracking.

Benefits of working with IT staffing company

Working with IT Svit grants you instant access to skilled professionals with a wide selection of skills, tools and ready solutions for most typical challenges your project might encounter. This helps reduce time-to-market for your product and avoid costly mistakes in software architecture and cloud infrastructure alike.

IT Svit software developers and DevOps engineers deliver the following cloud staffing services:

  • Assessment of IT infrastructure performance and security
  • Optimization of cloud infrastructure performance
  • Cloud-based monitoring, logging, smart alerting for your IT operations
  • Building CI/.CD pipelines to automate daily IT routine
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Delivering solutions for Big Data analytics
  • Training ML/AI algorithms for your needs
  • Development of blockchain systems and infrastructure for them
  • Building Docker containers for your apps
  • Splitting apps into microservices
  • Designing web/mobile/desktops apps
  • Front-end and back-end software development
  • Automated QA and testing for your code

IT Svit can help with any aspect of software delivery and help you save time and money by benefitting from our experienced IT outsourcing and staffing services. Contact us today and let’s start making your next IT project a reality!

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