IT Svit provides reliable IT staffing services

If your business is in search of external expertise in software development or cloud infrastructure management, IT Svit is ready to help. We house several dedicated teams able to cover all customer requests, from full-stack software development and automation to infrastructure management and monitoring at scale. Our specialists will become your reliable team extensions and will collaborate with your in-house team to deliver the project successfully.

Experienced engineers for your projects

IT Svit is on the market for 15 years already and we have gathered 65+ software and DevOps engineers with wide expertise in solving all kinds of IT tasks. Full-stack software and web development, dedicated DevOps services, implementing cloud monitoring solutions, remote technical support, Big Data solution design and delivery, training Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence algorithms, blockchain development, etc. Our highly-experienced specialists can onboard your project at any stage and deliver the results you need.

Rapid software delivery supporting long-term business growth

Due to completing a wide variety of projects we have a working understanding of the best ways to deliver the software and the typical challenges along the way. What’s even more important, we have ready solutions for most of these challenges that help to greatly reduce the time and effort spent on developing new product features and ensure a shorter time-to-market for your product updates.

Ready to start?

If a business aims for long-term success, it is vital to gain access to the required expertise quickly, but this is much easier said than done. Quite often, the available budget or project time frames are quite tight, so looking for a perfect fit is not an option. This is why IT outsourcing and outstaffing are so popular — these approaches allow the businesses to gain instant access to the talents they need, pay for their services only while they need them and then say goodbye till the next time without any hard feelings.

The only challenge here is finding a reliable IT outsourcing company, as every contractor will ensure you they are fit for the job, but not all of them will actually be able to deliver the expected results. For example, businesses sometimes hire recruitment agencies to find suitable candidates for them. While these agencies usually have pools of pre-vetted job seekers and can provide several suitable candidates quickly, these talents might not be best suited to your project needs. They might lack the skills required to do the job or experience with such kind of tasks. They might be currently employed with some other company and not willing to leave. They might move to another city, be sick or change their occupation altogether. The most damaging outcome of such outsourcing is, obviously, when the recruitment agency provides a candidate that seems all right but fails to deliver the expected results.

This is why it is actually best to contact IT service providers like IT Svit when in search of specific software development or infrastructure management skills. There are quite a few advantages your business can benefit from:

  • Experienced specialists. IT outsourcing companies like IT Svit, that provide managed IT services are able to hire and retain highly-skilled talents in all areas of IT services. This is due to our ability to provide these specialists with a wide array of different projects over some short time, instead of them being stuck with one project for years. This way these talents get valuable experience, grow as professionals and don’t get bored dealing with the same tasks and tools over and over again. Your business, on the other hand, receives instant access to top-notch professionals, so this collaboration is a win-win scenario for everyone involved.
  • Cohesive teams. Another challenge of building a new team in-house or staffing it with remote specialists is the need to invest a significant amount of effort into turning a group of talents into a cohesive team. Quite the opposite, IT Svit fields ready teams that worked together for years and have polished internal workflows, so you get the value from day one. Alternatively, if you need only a couple of talents for the project, these will integrate with your internal team flawlessly and will use the same communication and task management tools as your IT team.
  • Continuous operations. If you hire a specialist in-house and he or she quits mid-project, your operations are at risk. They will at least be paused while a replacement is ready to work and understands the project in full. This is not the case when working with IT Svit, as while our teams are composed of all types of specialists, we don’t have irreplaceable talents. Should any team member fall ill, go on vacation or maternity leave, we always have a replacement ready, and all our specialists write detailed developer documentation, so your project will move on without major delays.

There are many more benefits of ordering IT staffing services from providers like IT Svit:

  • Cultural fit. Forming a team of stars will not necessarily lead to stellar performance. Recruitment agencies rarely know all of their candidates by heart, so they cannot guarantee the people they hire will work well as a team. On the other hand, IT Svit team has years of successful work up our sleeves and all of our specialists work well with each other, ensuring a complete cultural fit and productivity of work.
  • Business DNA similarity.  IT Svit is situated in Ukraine, meaning we overlap the time zones, and share the business practices, philosophy and religious calendar with the UK. This ensures we are on the same wave with your team and greatly reduces the risk of conflicts and associated delays.
  • Reputation. IT Svit provides IT staffing services for 10+ years and we are listed among the leaders of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine, ass well as one of the top 3 Managed Services Providers by reputable global technology consultancy Clutch from Washington, D.C. We have earned a reputation of a reliable partner and we can provide references from multiple satisfied clients, who became our long-term customers and partners. We take our pride in standing up to this reputation and proving our worth with each new successfully accomplished project.

10+ years of IT outstaffing services from IT Svit

IT Svit team has more than 10 years of expertise in providing IT outsourcing and outstaffing services to customers from the EU and the US. We have successfully completed projects of all scopes in various industries like:

  • finances and banking
  • retail and advertising
  • energy sector
  • manufacturing and industry
  • eGovernment and smart cities
  • logistics and transportation
  • healthcare and medical
  • startup consulting

We can provide assistance to businesses of any size with a huge variety of tasks, from web development and QA to DevOps services, Big Data solutions, real-time monitoring, blockchain development and serverless computing. Our specialists have rich experience with all kinds of tasks and can help your project at any stage. If you’d like to use IT staffing services from IT Svit — let us know, we are always glad to help!

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