Assistance with SaaS software development

Development and delivery of SaaS platforms is a profitable business if all the concerns are addressed and all the challenges are overcome. Minimization of expenses is crucial for long-term business success, and IT Svit helps SaaS companies develop and deliver their products with utmost cost-efficiency and reliability.

Managing SaaS products for UK businesses

Multiple UK businesses use a variety of SaaS platforms to achieve their business goals and have to run and configure them correctly. IT Svit team has ample experience in building frictionless cloud infrastructures using various SaaS solutions and configuring these ecosystems to provide maximum value for your business.

SaaS platform management

There can be various reasons why a business might need help with ongoing development, updates and support for their SaaS products. We plan and build secure, resilient and cost-effective cloud infrastructures and processes that ensure UK businesses can meet all the demands of their customers and provide an uninterrupted end-user experience!

Ready to start?

In order to succeed in a modern fast-paced world, the business must provide products or services that deliver positive user experience, solve certain problems better than their competitors, provide uninterrupted availability and release updates under a predictable schedule. If you are a UK business working under a SaaS model, you know how important it is to provide stable and reliable customer service, as well as ensure timely product updates. The best way to ensure this is to use DevOps services to automate the software delivery and cloud infrastructure management routines.

This is why many UK businesses search for ways to get access to DevOps expertise. Actually, while most companies have decent software development expertise, they commonly lack the full range of skills required to plan, implement and manage the full scope of IT systems needed to run an enterprise-grade product. Thus said, the need to delegate some tasks to a reliable IT outsourcing provider becomes quite a viable option.

IT Svit has ample experience providing managed DevOps and Big Data analytics services, which helped various startups across the globe to scale up and succeed. We can configure the Continuous Delivery of new features to your production environments, which will underpin the Continuous Integration of customer feedback to improve your products and services. As a Managed Services Provider, IT Svit possesses a full range of services and tools required to scale your products to enterprise and provide long-term support.

Managed SaaS solutions from IT Svit

In order to survive the initial growth stages and start the long-term success, every startup needs to design and manage a mix of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions that must be configured correctly. It is very important to run these tools and systems securely and in a predictable manner, to ensure timely and reliable delivery of the new product features and uninterrupted end-user experience.

Our team has delivered more than 200 DevOps projects over the span of 5+ years. We have accumulated huge experience with all the stages of the software development life cycle, from planning and implementation to configuration and ongoing management of various systems. We assess your project requirements and come up with solutions for the challenges your business faces at the moment. We prefer using open-source tools to build modular and highly flexible infrastructures but will include provider-specific tools and other services if needed:

  • SaaS products from Amazon Web Services that include a huge variety of AWS tools for software delivery and infrastructure administration, as well as a wide selection of third-party modules on Amazon Marketplace. IT Svit can configure these tools to ensure the stability of IT operations for your business.
  • Google G Suite, a package of Google Cloud services that enhance the productivity and daily operations of your team.
  • Microsoft Productivity Suite, an all-including package of Microsoft services like Skype for Business, Active Directory, Dynamics CRM, Outlook and Office 365 that form the backbone of multiple enterprise workflows worldwide.
  • Slack, the most popular enterprise collaboration tool with a wide assortment of features for team messaging, automated alerting, message archiving and numerous other capabilities.
  • DocuSign, the popular enterprise productivity platform for signing electronic signatures or enabling Single Sign-On for different business solutions.
  • GitHub, the leading online Version Control System and the biggest open-source code repository.
  • Atlassian Jira, widely used project management and issue tracking system that integrates with a variety of other platforms.

We barely tipped the iceberg of possible SaaS products that can be used by any UK business. IT Svit can manage any software ecosystem or help you deliver your product or service to your customers. If you want our help with managed SaaS tools — contact us today for a free consultation!

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