Platform-as-a-Service solution management

PaaS tools from AWS, Google Cloud, Azur, IBM, DigitalOcean and other cloud service providers enable UK businesses to augment their software development and IT operations to reach better cost-efficiency and maximize system performance. IT Svit helps select the most appropriate PaaS tools for your project and configure them correctly.

Use only the essential PaaS tools!

All the PaaS tools provided by the cloud vendors can be used either with other vendor-specific web services or with open-source alternatives. Configuring the system correctly to use only the essential PaaS solutions and save money on the rest of the components is the way to flexibility, cost-efficiency and resilience of your IT operations. IT Svit helps achieve this by providing PaaS consulting and implementation.

Better software development with PaaS

Cloud vendors offer their tools in neat packages that cover all your project needs, but following these guides to the letter means a road to vendor lock-in. Quite the contrary, it is best to build your system modular, to ease the migration to another cloud or use the multi-cloud strategy for your PaaS workflows. IT Svit helps plan and implement flexible software delivery pipelines, so your infrastructure can adjust and meet your changing business needs.

Ready to start?

Every business has to use a certain software ecosystem to support its IT operations, and the bigger the business, the more tools it needs. Cloud vendors provide lots of paid Platform-as-a-Service solutions that cater to literally every need of your business, but the price of running a fully platform-specific infrastructure might be a bit too high.

First of all, these PaaS solutions are not free to use, and monthly bills can accumulate quite significantly. Secondly, using the features only from Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud means you are tied to the platform, and every business wants to avoid vendor lock-in. Thirdly, if something happens, you will have only the cloud platform support to help you, and tickets to these guys don’t always take 5 minutes to be resolved, while your business will be losing money even after a minute of downtime.

Thus said PaaS tools are still a pretty decent choice for your software delivery processes, and they offer lots of benefits if used right. As PaaS is the middle level of the cloud pyramid, PaaS solutions are very useful for software engineers who need various services in the course of their daily operations, from building and testing new code to performing automated database backups or analyzing the incoming data streams. The only condition for getting the full benefits of these PaaS operations is configuring them correctly — which is exactly why your business can benefit from partnership with a Managed Services Provider like IT Svit.

At IT Svit we have successfully accomplished more than 200 DevOps projects over 5+ years of providing managed Paas, IaaS and SaaS solutions to the UK-based and global businesses. We have a thorough understanding and hands-on experience with the following PaaS tools:

  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and other Amazon web services
  • Serverless computing with Amazon Lambda
  • Google App Engine and other Google Cloud Platform services
  • IBM Cloud Foundry
  • OpenShift

We do not work with smaller cloud platforms like Heroku, as while they provide good capabilities for software development, they are not good to scale up with. Therefore, we consider it best to build the cloud infrastructures with one of the leading cloud providers from the get-go to avoid the need for costly and effort-consuming data migration later down the track.

Why select IT Svit s your PaaS provider?

The main reason for employing the services of a managed PaaS company like IT Svit is to get the optimal cost-efficiency of IT operations. While your in-house team can handle PaaS tools and learn everything about them from knowledge bases and support centers of the corresponding cloud providers, doing so will take some time and might cost a lot.

On the other hand, if you outsource building and managing your PaaS solutions to a team of professionals like IT Svit, you are sure to get instant access to a base of ready solutions and a pool of skilled professionals that can implement them very fast. This helps reduce time-to-market for your products and features, reduce the risks of software delivery and cust costs due to faster accomplishment of your PaaS projects.

Should you need help with PaaS solutions — IT Svit is ready to assist! Contact us with your project requirements and we will help reach your business objectives!

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