IT Svit delivers GCP managed services that bring you to the next level

Google Cloud Platform can bring your business to a new level of cost-efficiency and performance if its web services are configured correctly. IT Svit has a rich experience with GCP configuration and management, which helps build and run cost-efficient, secure and resilient cloud infrastructures and workflows for UK businesses.

Professional GCP management

While Google Cloud provides a detailed knowledge base and you can run the cloud infrastructure following these guidelines, it can take inordinate amounts of time and effort to be configured correctly. Working with IT Svit grants instant access to professional teams of DevOps engineers with a thorough understanding of cloud infrastructure management best practices.

Running Google Cloud features at full throttle for your business

Google Cloud introduces new features at a constant pace, and mastering them can take quite a lot of time for your IT team. Quite the opposite, IT Svit teams work on a variety of projects and learn new features all the time. This way, you gain instant to the latest GCP tech quickly and only at a fraction of cost training your in-house specialists to do it.

Ready to start?

As one of the most rapidly growing cloud vendors, Google Cloud Platform has lots to be proud of. Aside from being the core developer of Kubernetes and one of the global innovation leaders in the IT industry, GCP provides a wide range of solutions catering to any needs of modern business:

  • IaaS and PaaS solutions
  • ML/AI libraries and APIs
  • Solutions for Big Data analytics
  • Serverless computing systems
  • SDK for IoT tools
  • Service meshes
  • many, many more.

Thus said sorting out the whole range of Google Cloud services on your own can be quite a challenge, and engaging external experts is the best way to reduce the time-to-market and gain a competitive edge. IT Svit, one of the leading Managed Services Providers globally, can become your reliable partner for providing managed Google Cloud services.

Business benefits of managed GCP services are as follows:

  • Shorter time-to-market for your product updates
  • Better budget allocation due to cost-efficiency of your IT operations
  • System management complexity and overhead reduction
  • An easier GCP learning curve for your in-house staff

Technical benefits of managed GCP services are the following:

  • Fast-paced design of required GCP-based systems
  • Adding only the crucial GCP features to mostly open-source systems to reduce TCO
  • Optimizing resource allocation and providing service continuity
  • Fault-tolerance and increased system performance

Professional GCP management for your business

IT Svit provides a wide variety of services to help UK businesses get the most out of your cloud investments:

  • Designing GCP-based cloud solutions — IT Svit cloud architects can plan and build Google Cloud infrastructure best suited for your unique project needs
  • Automating GCP workflows — our DevOps engineers configure and implement automated cloud management processes with Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, etc.
  • Building Infrastructure as Code — we prepare Terraform manifests that codify every state of the system, making deployments error-proof
  • Configuring CI/CD pipelines — we ensure an uninterrupted end-user positive experience and maximal software delivery effectiveness by building automated Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery pipelines for your business
  • Automated scaling — we use Google Compute Engine to enable auto-scaling of Kubernetes clusters and ensure optimal allocation of resources and excellent performance of your production environments
  • Real-time monitoring and smart alerting — we set up a wide variety of cloud monitoring solutions like Google Stackdriver to keep a close eye on your system performance and alert your staff to their preferred communication channels like Slack or other instant messengers
  • Detailed logging and data analysis — Google Cloud provides a wide range of logging and data analytics features that can be combined with third-party tools to provide in-depth insights on your cloud infrastructure performance.



IT Svit is an experienced Managed GCP Services Provider and we can help your business solve various business tasks and achieve the goals set. Contact us and get a free consultation on the best way to make Google Cloud Services work for you!

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