Digital transformation through DevOps consulting

Every UK business that interacts with its customers online wants to have more predictable software delivery, shorter time-to-market for new product features, more manageable IT infrastructure operations. DevOps approach to software delivery makes all of this possible, but gaining access to this expertise is not so easy. IT Svit provides DevOps consulting services and can help your business reap the benefits of digital transformation.

DevOps transformation roadmap

IT Svit provides a detailed roadmap to DevOps transformation, helping our customers implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles, as well as  Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) workflows. We have the ready solutions for typical challenges, meaning you can move your business to the next level quickly, instead of reinventing the wheel.

DevOps training, consulting and CoE

We will work with your in-house team along the way to understand the needs of the project, highlight the existing performance bottlenecks and the possible room for growth, devise the solutions for the existing challenges, implement DevOps tools and processes and teach your staff to work with them. We provide detailed developer documentation and help your IT team master the new workflows and solutions.

Ready to start?

Every UK business striving to ensure timely and updates for their customer-facing products and uninterrupted availability of their online systems has to embrace DevOps best practices and tools. DevOps workflows are actually quite different from a common illusion of Devs and Ops sitting in a single room to speed up the work.

IT Svit has nearly 5 years of expertise in delivering DevOps consulting services. We were a remote system administration team, but once we understood the benefits of a DevOps approach to software delivery, we transformed our own operations. Since then we provide managed DevOps services and started helping other businesses embrace the DevOps methodology and transform their operations accordingly.

Here is the DevOps roadmap from IT Svit:

  1. Our team gathers input from your business stakeholders regarding the goals you want to achieve and your project requirements. We form a complete picture of infrastructure, processes and tools currently used by your business.
  2. We assess the current system performance and outline the improvements required to achieve the project goals. We also design and introduce the solutions for the existing performance bottlenecks and possible points of failure.
  3. If the project requires moving your IT operations to the cloud, it might be more prudent to redesign the infrastructure from scratch in order to avoid repeating all the flaws of the legacy infrastructure. Working with cloud-native systems from the start helps utilize all the cloud benefits like scalability, cost-efficiency due to the PAYG billing and security.
  4. Sometimes a customer already has some cloud infrastructure in place and needs it optimized to reach optimal performance or migrate to another platform or achieve other project goals. IT Svit provides full-scale cloud optimization and migration services.
  5. Should your project demand implementation of Big Data analytics, IT Svit helps design and implement cloud-based solutions that help process your data and receive in-depth cloud monitoring, logging and alerting that significantly increase the efficiency of your daily infrastructure operations. Ultimately, such technologies can lead to the implementation of self-healing infrastructure, where your systems can operate and restart their components automatically, with little to none human intervention.
  6. Quite often our customers need to enable in-depth control and automated incident response scenarios for their infrastructure. In this case, we train and deploy Machine Learning systems that determine the normal operational patterns based on historical data. Once the systems are trained to monitor the key system performance parameters, they alert the operators if some parameters exceed the pre-configured threshold. This also triggers one of the response scenarios, so your team and systems can handle any incident in real-time instead of dealing with the consequences.
  7. Lastly, if your product is in active development, we can automate routine operations using IaC, CI and CD to minimize the effort spent on repetitive actions and reduce the time-to-market for new product features significantly.

We provide detailed DevOps consulting based on your unique project needs, so feel free to contact the IT Svit team with your requests. We would be glad to help you accomplish the digital transformation required to push your business to the next level.

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