Continuous Integration-as-a-Service for any UK business

When you interact with your customers online, invariable service accessibility and speed of new feature delivery become crucial for your business success. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes help reduce time-to-market for new product features and ensure stable uptime for your production environment. IT Svit helps UK businesses configure CI/CD workflows on any cloud platform and leverage them to the fullest extent.

Enabling Continuous Integration and Delivery for AWS from IT Svit

AWS is one of the biggest platforms and provides a huge range of tools and web services for software development and infrastructure management. Configuring the solutions like Amazon Code Pipeline, Redshift, EC2, S3, Aurora, ECS, Sagemaker and others can ensure your business uses Amazon web services in the most cost-efficient and reliable way to automate the delivery of new features and daily cloud environment operations.

CI/CD pipelines for IT operations at scale

Predictable cloud environment management is just as essential for long-term business success, as reliable delivery of new features. Thus said, there are multiple routine infrastructure management operations that can benefit from automation and CI/CD implementation. IT Svit has rich experience with managing cloud infrastructure at scale for our clients and we can configure CI/CD pipelines of any complexity to help your business get the most of your cloud investments.

Ready to start?

One of the main reasons for IT outsourcing is to reduce the total cost of ownership for IT operations. Improved reliability of the software delivery process is also essential, of course. With these goals in mind, any UK business can benefit from obtaining expertise required for the implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines. IT Svit is ready to provide this expertise and enable your team to be more productive through automating routine operations to speed up your product development and infrastructure operations.

IT Svir provides Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery implementation services. Over 10 years of software development outsourcing allowed us to gain a significant expertise with all kinds of situations that can influence the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC). We know why various challenges can occur, what can cause them and how to solve them best — and we have the ready solutions for the most common issues. Due to building CI/CD pipelines, we can provide assistance at any SDLC stage:

  1. Automated builds and tests. Manually pushing new code to the build server and waiting for the QA engineer to test it just doesn’t cut it anymore. We can prepare scripts that will build a new product version after each commit and test it against the automated unit and integrity tests. This greatly reduces the time between writing the source code and pushing it to the staging server for final testing.
  2. Continuous integration of new code to the project trunk. Developing new features in long repository branches and trying to combine them just before release can lead to huge merge conflicts and long hours spent fixing bugs. Instead, your developers can produce neat little batches of code and integrate it with the main project trunk often if they pass the tests from p.1. successfully. This helps reduce the chance of major bugs showing up in production nearly to zero.
  3. Automated testing environment configuration. If you might need to run automated unit tests at any minute, a manual configuration of testing environments is not an option. Using CI/CD pipelines ensures the required configuration of testing environments is provisioned in seconds when needed, while not wasting resources on idle standby.
  4. Automated code deployment to staging and production servers. If the unit and integrity tests are successful and the new code build ends up at a staging server, it is still far from release to production. Even more rigorous testing must be done and if it succeeds — a new application version must be smoothly pushed into production. Automating this process helps save a lot of time and nerves for your IT team and helps avoid downtime in product operations for your customers.
  5. Automated monitoring and management of the production environment. Once the new version of your application or service goes live, the real work begins. There are dozens of operations that must be performed in your production environment daily and without errors. Applying CI/CD tools to do these operations ensures an uninterrupted positive experience for your customers.

IT Svit can help automate repetitive operations that can lead to failures and make them error-proof. This results in a more reliable software delivery schedule and operations in production, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and brand advocacy. If you want to achieve such results — IT Svit is always ready to assist!

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