DevOps and blockchain combined for your business needs

Blockchain applications steadily gain more popularity as new and new industries like marketing and logistics, finances and banking, real estate and the energy sector adopt them. If you wish to succeed in this market, it is ever important to deliver new product features quickly and ensure the stability of operations in production. IT Svit provides the expertise required to make this possible.

Docker containers for decentralized apps

Decentralized apps must be run in quite a different way, unlike standard applications. DevOps helps with decentralized app management due to the use of Docker containers that ensure all app instances run exactly the same and are reloaded instantly if need be. IT Svit DevOps team has the expertise needed to containerize and manage decentralized apps.

Your eCommerce product will perform best with DevOps

DevOps services ensure short release cycles and stable uptime for all kinds of apps. This is important for all industries but absolutely crucial for eCommerce, where having a website down for an hour can result in huge financial losses. Blockchain-based eCommerce modules for Shopify ensure stable operations of the platform — and IT Svit can build and implement the same functionality for your eCommerce shop!

Ready to start?

IT Svit has worked on a fair share of blockchain projects and enabled DevOps services for these solutions. We worked with shipping, finances, social services, retail, mining, eCommerce and real estate projects, energy sector and environmental control. Due to our deep expertise, we were able to fully leverage all the blockchain architecture benefits:

  • immutable ledgers to ensure data stability
  • decentralized operations to enable multiple peer-to-peer operations
  • huge processing speed
  • anonymity and security of operations

IT Svit has obtained and leveraged a vast goldmine of knowledge on software development, which helped us release various useful applications based on blockchain:

  • a cross-selling platform for a network of eCommerce shops using Blockchain coupons
  • energy market control app using smart contracts
  • QR-codes to replace excise stamps
  • a real-time production line control for a gold mining corporation
  • a cargo manifest control for sea shipping
  • multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.

The development process of all these solutions had to be rapid and we needed to integrate them with existing systems, which were quite complex sometimes, and ensure the end-user experience was uninterrupted. Thus said, every code commit needed to be tested automatically and delivered to production seamlessly. These solutions were deployed to Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services or MS Azure and used some specific blockchain development features.

In addition, in-depth DevOps expertise was needed to automate all the processes and ensure the correct allocation and configuration of all the environments. IT Svit team has employed our software engineers and DevOps specialists who managed the Infrastructure as Code required to support these operations, applied Continuous Integration to enable automated testing of fresh code and used Continuous Delivery best practices to automate the release of new app versions and managing them in production. Thus said, IT Svit was able to combine our DevOps and blockchain expertise to accomplish our customer’s goals.

DevOps benefits for blockchain development

DevOps services provide multiple benefits to blockchain software development. For example, one client wanted his blockchain app put into a Docker container. When the Docker image was completed, we were able to automate its deployment using Kubernetes clusters. As Kubernetes is a great infrastructure configuration tool, it enabled us to easily integrate with various cloud platform-specific and open-source tools for automated backups & restoration, monitoring, logging and smart alerting and many other functions.

Several challenges had to be solved:

  • Configure seamless app delivery to Amazon Web Services infrastructure
  • Enable informative and convenient cloud monitoring solutions using ChatOps
  • Ensure automated system backups & restoration

IT Svit came up with the following solution: the SumoLogic monitoring platform with smart alerts to Slack, thus implementing the required ChatOps approach. This way, if the customer’s blockchain API does not receive new blocks — we get a smart alert to the chat, so we start working on the incident quickly. We have also implemented an auto-update of the Docker image registry after each app update, automated hourly backups of the ledger, auto-restoration from the last backup, etc.

IT Svit can successfully combine DevOps expertise with blockchain software development expertise to help UK businesses reach the operational goals set. If you have any more questions or wish to discuss your project — let us know, we are ready to assist!

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